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Use eBay To Send Traffic To Your Website

March 8th, 2013 5 comments

There a several ways that you can send traffic to your website from eBay. Before using any of these ways, be sure to check eBay’s policy for changes so you do not violate their policy.

One way to obtain traffic to your website through eBay is by using graphics or images hosted on your server. There are many commercial and free services you can use. You can also upload your graphics or images to eBay’s servers. However, visibility from the search engines will be greatly increased by using your own servers. The search engines can follow the links in your eBay listing to your website. Some search engines will also display messages in their status bar as to where the images are being loaded from. For example it might say “Loading Image From” or “Waiting For”. This is great exposure for your website.

When you register your account with eBay, use an email address that is associated with your website. For example, if your website is “”, you could use “” as the email address associated with your eBay account. You can list this email address in the text of your listing only if it is the same one you used to register your account. This is in addition to the “Ask The Seller A Question” link.

The user id associated with your eBay account can also be a great way to direct traffic to your website. Even though eBay policy does not allow you to use your website address as your eBay id or user name, you can use a form of the website address. If your website is “”, you could use ABCDEF as your eBay user name.

Probably, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or internet store from eBay is by using an About Me Page. While you cannot offer non-eBay listings or merchandise on the About Me page, you can add a link to your website or internet store. eBay’s policy states that you cannot have the same identical item in your auctions as you have on your website either at the same price or at a different price. You can also not link to trading sites or other auction sites, or offer merchandise or information not permitted on eBay, or a website that offers items from several sellers. What you may do is link to your own website or internet store where you have items to trade, sell or purchase. Again, used correctly, this is a great way to use eBay to drive traffic to your website or internet store.

Trying one of these methods is sure to help drive traffic to your website or internet store. Remember to following eBay’s policy. Read their policy very carefully and check on it periodically for changes. Ignorance of their policy is not an excuse eBay accepts. If you violate their policy repeatedly, you will be banned from eBay.

Loretta Miller

how do i start selling on eBay ?

February 23rd, 2013 6 comments

I would like to know how to start selling on eBay and if I need to pay any fees how do I get started can some one help me please? Thank you.

Boy, did you ask the right person! I sell on ebay all the time! First you set up an account. You have to give them either a secured email or a credit card to set it up for identification purposes. (they do not charge your card) Once you set up an ebay account you will have to set up a paypal account at in order to accept paypal payments. Paypal payments are preferred by most ebayers since they can pay instantly and so there for get their item faster. Once you have a paypal account going and your ebay account set up all you do is click on sell an item at ebay. You can sell items without a paypal account but they will not go for as much and it will take time for the money to get to you by mail which is a drag. Also keep in mind that it does not cost anything to set up a paypal account either. Another note…when auctioning off items it is best to have them end at around 6.00 or 7.00 at night…they go for more during these hours. If you like my answer please vote for it. thanks

What are the most popular items sold on ebay ?

February 1st, 2013 1 comment

I am currently trying to start an ebay business due to financial problems in the family. But before I start, I need to know what the most popular items sold on ebay are, how to get more customers, and just basically what makes a good ebay account.
Thank you for your time and concern for reading this!!

What should you sell on eBay? As a seller, the most popular selling items in the world’s best marketplace are also the most profitable. Hot products in hot niches make the most money for sellers because buyers are always looking for them and willing to compete to buy them.

Some of the most popular selling items include designer clothing, designer accessories, especially handbags and shoes, cell phones, and video games. There are many more hot products that are sought after by buyers, some of which come and go.

Currently the most popular video game system is the Nintendo Wii, and other popular systems include Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Video games are popular with eBay buyers, including vintage games from older systems. Some vintage video games bring extremely high prices. For example, an old NES video game recently sold for more than $17,000.

The average sell-through rate for products sold on eBay is about 30%. This means the average product sold on the popular auction site has a 30% chance of selling. For this reason it often takes 3-4 times to list an item before it sells.

Popular selling items on eBay have a sell-through rate of 50% or higher. Some niches even enjoy a sell-through rate of 75% or higher. When sellers sell in these lucrative niches, they have a much higher chance of having auctions end with the item sold.

By sticking with hot products in lucrative niches, sellers sell more products for higher prices, and pay less in listing fees because the majority of items sell the first time without the need to re-list them.

When choosing products to sell online, it is always best to stick with the most popular selling items on eBay, because buyers are always searching for them, willing to pay more for them, and they bring high profits for sellers.

can i cancel my ebay account and still get the items i payed for?10 points?

January 13th, 2013 1 comment

I want to cancel my ebay account ASAP but there are things ive payed for and that have not been shipped. Will they still send it anyways? Will they lose my address? Help please.

I have sold 1000’s of items and one of my Buyers ‘was no longer a registered user’ I still sent the item (and hope they received it- I have no way of knowing)
If I want to be dishonest I could have just kept the money.
I would therefore suggest you keep your account live until all transactions are complete- they will know you are not a member anymore and you will probablty find it harder to fight if anything goes wrong

IF you are closing your account because you think that Buyers cannot get a refund from you if a sale has gone wrong,you will still have to refund if Paypal find in their favour (irrelevant if you have closed it down)

What is required to become a seller on ebay?

December 10th, 2012 3 comments

I have stuff I want to sell on ebay. I need to know everything that is required to become a seller on ebay. Thanks.

It’s very easy to become a seller on eBay. First, you’d need to have an eBay account by registering on eBay. After that, you’d need to provide your credit card information on file for verification. To do that, please click on "Site Map" at the top of eBay page then please scroll down the page until you see a link that says "Place or Update Credit Card on File" under "My Selling Account."

That’s it. Good luck to your future sales!

How do you cancel a sale on ebay (if your the seller)?

November 28th, 2012 3 comments

I was selling something on ebay, I found a buyer, but he changed his mind as soon as he bought it. Which I didn’t have a problem with, but now ebay is trying to charge me for a refund of the money that I never received.

How Do I cancel the sale?

First, contact your buyer that you’ll be sending a cancellation transaction that he need to agree. Then you can go to your resolution center to "cancel the transaction."

To cancel a transaction:
1. On your eBay account, at the upper right hand corner, place your mouse above "help" tab (don’t click it, just place it on top)
2. Choose "Resolution Center".
3. In the "Resolution Center" page, choose "cancellation transaction."
4. Go through the process of filing all the information.

Once you successfully send the cancellation request, your buyer needs to accept it that’s why communication is important.

If he accidentally "decline" your request, then you have to contact eBay for them to process a manual credit for you.

How to make a couple of hunderd in a week?

November 24th, 2012 1 comment

i have an ebay account, i cant think of anything to sale. im not lazy just the economy is so bad in my area i cant get a job. i got to high school still

i would like to get my mom something Special for her birthday
please help me
i have more than a week more like 3 weeks

K, this little article I wrote explains everything:

The Statistics

Through my experience with a wonderful site called Triond, I have concluded that the average amount of cents per view is 0.1. However, certain sites get less cents per view than others, and Authspot, one of Triond’s many publishing sites, is one of them.

The Formulas

As I just mentioned, the average amount of cents per view is 0.1, so if you wrote 10 articles a day for 5 years, and they got an average of one view a day, you would be getting an average of $182.50 a day.

If you write something quick, like Haikus, (which take about a minute for me to publish) and spend about 4 hours a day on publishing, and they get an average of one view a day, you would be getting an average of $182.50 a day in about 75 days.

A free, automatic Haiku generator found here could be of great use.

How to increase cash flow

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How to get exactly one extra veiw per day for each article

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For example, if your script is this:


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If you still don’t understand, just Google how to edit iMacros.


So, if you were a 12-year-old girl, in one of the many countries Triond offers payment (paypal works), and you needed/wanted money, you could work for 4 hours on the computer each day after school for 75 days, and run the iMacros program while at school or doing your homework. By the end of 75 days, you could stop working for 4 hours and as long as you run theiMacros, you’d be getting MUCH more than 182.50 tax free dollars a day, and automatically.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Triond now!

They offer many countries, the payments are tax free, and even kids, teens, minors, under 18 year old, whatever you want to call them, can get paid too!

The link to sign up is:

Ebay and Paypal HELP How Much does it cost to list on Ebay and how much does Ebay and Paypal take if you sell?

November 18th, 2012 3 comments

How much does it cost to list an item on ebay? I have some rings I need to sell and Plan on putting on 2-3 pics of each ring. Also how much does ebay and/ or paypal take out if you sell it?

I have an ebay account with feedback. I have bought stuff, but have not sold anything.

Thanks for your help.

You have eBay listing fees, eBay final value fees if the item sales, and PayPal fees if you are paid via PayPal. I usually allow about 15%.

Basically the costs are the listing fees for most things to "auction" which are about 10 cents to $2 and the final value fee is about 9% plus PayPal fee if applicable, which is about 3% (see further down).

The fixed price fees really require reading the fees chart, but basically about 7% to 13% plus a 50 cent listing fee unless you have an eBay store. There are add-on options you can add like bold and highlight so as you can see, the fee costs are complicated, depending if it’s an auction or fixed priced listing and any extras. The link to the eBay fee page is below.

The PayPal information is:
There’s no fee to use PayPal to purchase goods or services. However, if you receive money for goods or services (such as from selling an item on eBay), the fee for each transaction is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive. The link is below.

Here is some additional eBay seller info from their web site:

What are the requirements to sell on eBay? Provide us with a valid credit card, debit card, or bank account information. Let us know how you would like to pay your seller fees. Select the payment methods you’ll accept. Make sure your Feedback Profile is public. We also recommend that you become PayPal verified.

You can add one picture for free with each listing. (Gallery picture).

What is the best way to get started selling on Ebay?

November 12th, 2012 6 comments

I would like to start selling on Ebay regularly to make some extra income. I already have an Ebay account with positive feedback. I really need to know where to buy my products I am going to sell. Where is the best place to buy wholesale electronics and children’s toys?

You can find hundreds of products that sell easily on ebay , what you need is having a competitive prices , use salehoo, , its a very big wholesalers list you will find cheap brand name products that you can sell very well on ebay there
Good luck

Help with this Ebay account question! Why is there additional charges?

October 31st, 2012 1 comment

I had an account balance of some nine dollars for sales a couple of months ago. My credit card was maxed out so the charge was declined. I looked at my account balance and there’s an additional charge of some nine dollars
but I haven’t sold anything. What’s going on?

No idea. Maybe it’s an NSF charge. Maybe you used eBay shipping labels and didn’t realize they charge 9% for using it.

Go to My eBay and pull up the invoice and copy the info here.