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I would like to start selling original poetry and short stories on eBay. Help?

December 26th, 2012 2 comments

I need to know about how to protect my intellectual property rights before I start selling my own original writings via eBay. I know there is a market out there, but I need tips from smart folks!

Any tips please?
Meg..and why not, miss Meg smartypants??

Meg isn’t too far off the mark. 90% of sales on eBay is done through searching for items. If I’m looking to buy a book I put in the search engine what I’m looking for. Usually by author. Look up some books on eBay and see what they are going for. Even big name authors don’t necessarily sell well.

I’ve walked down that path in the past. You may sell three or four copies…. eventually. But the time and money you have to spend hardly makes it worth the effort. Realize that eBay has fees for selling and PayPal also takes a chunk. Price your work high enough to actually make a profit and no one bids.

eBay also has strict rules about digital delivery and how such items can be listed. I take it you will try to sell ebooks? Put them on disk if you plan to list them on eBay. If you offer to email them to the winner then you have to list them as a Classified Add by eBays rules.

Protection? Forget about it. You can put copyright notices all over it and someone will still copy it and put it on the web somewhere.

It’s not IMPOSSIBLE to make money with a story you are selling yourself but it’s hard. I sold around 200 copies of a story I wrote on eBay but in order to sell it I had to change the entire story and list it in the adult section before I got a single sale. After sales began to drop I did a search and found my story had been posted on a dozen adult sites. I didn’t even bother to demand they delete them. I’d sold all I was going to at that point. I only averaged $1.02 per sale after all the fees.

Did I make a little money? Yeah, but just a little. And I had to completely rewrite the story and ruin it just so I could sell it. It also took about seven months to sell that many. I listened to my greedy side and pretty much destroyed a good story with unneeded sex just for money. I won’t be doing that again. I had to do a lot of work and lower my standards considerably for very little profit.

I know you think you can do it so give it a try. Just don’t be too disappointed if you don’t sell any copies. I have included a link to eBay’s listing policy for digital media.

Getting Started With Affiliate Internet Marketing

February 4th, 2012 12 comments

It’s been said that affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, one the quickest and most efficient ways of making money online. There are several reasons for this. A big attraction is that most affiliate programs don’t require any enrollment fees. There’s no financial investment on the part of the affiliate. Plus, it’s an excellent way to earn money online without having your own products to sell. You can simply choose a product you are interested in, and set up a web site to promote it.

An affiliate’s only job is to generate traffic to their unique affiliate link by pre-selling the merchant’s products. The sales page, the payment processing, the digital delivery, and the post sales services is all handled by the affiliate merchant.

An affiliate tracking link will track how many sales you make from your website, and you’ll be rewarded with the commission earnings.

What You Need To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate network to manage your sales. This is not mandatory, but is preferred for beginners as you are able to manage your sales and statistics from one central interface. Also, many networks contain several affiliate products, so you can group similarly themed products to sell.

Two of the major affiliate networks are Commission Junction and Clickbank. Amazon and Ebay also have their own affiliate programs which can be quite lucrative. There are hundreds of other affiliate providers and you can use your favorite search engine to find them. Just enter the terms ‘affiliate networks’ and hit search.

Sometimes, to achieve better results require some expense. Getting a web host, for example, as well as a domain name, would require you to spend money. Getting professionally made graphics to make your website attractive can also cost dig into your pocket. Pay Per Click advertising, commonly referred to as PPC advertising can be costly if not done properly. These are just a few things to keep in mind.

A Website

You will require a web site or at least one page on an existing web site you might own. It’s not always necessary to set up a whole website to promote one affiliate product. You might choose to dedicate just one single page to this product, and this is fine. This method can actually be very successful. If you don’t know HTML, the language required to build a website, you can consider using a blog.

WordPress Blog Platform

WordPress is a movable-type blog. It’s a software program you download and use to create your own blogs which you could upload in your own server. You won’t have to settle for the words ‘blogspot’ or ‘livejournal’ or ‘xanga’ to be attached to your URL. You could host your blog under its own domain name, or as another page in your main website.

Blogs are great marketing tools. They get indexed quite quickly by the search engines, and often, the figure prominently well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). They could also give your main website the backlinks it needs to boost its own page rank. Additionally, a blog can be customized to become your main website.

The primary advantage of this approach is the convenience you’ll receive when it comes to publishing content. Download the WordPress client for free from .

A Product To Promote

Preferably this will be a product you have purchased yourself, as you will want to be fully aware of all aspects of the product so you can produce truthful reviews and promotions for it.

It’s best if you can choose a product that you truly like, as people will prefer your honest opinion on it and can generally tell if you are only promoting it “for the money” rather than from your own experience. and Commission Junction for example, have thousands of products that you can choose from in a wide variety of niches. These are good places to begin to find a product to promote as an affiliate.

Text That Sells The Product (Copywriting)

This is where you make your sales. You need to tell people why they should buy this product, what is in it for them?

Often this can take the form of a product review. You might casually review the product you are promoting, and subtly add an affiliate link during and after the article. This method works well as it doesn’t directly look like you are selling anything.

Those are the basics of starting your affiliate internet marketing business.

Michelle Greene