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Alternative to Ebay – Niche!

May 3rd, 2012 No comments

I have been an Ebay powerseller for a number of years and have bought and sold thousands of items on ebay. But as a seller, one of the drawbacks we find with Ebay is the high cost of their fees. It is true that ebay does allow eBay Store owners can reduce their fees by listing with fixed price formats, but still the fees will take quite a chunk out of your profits.

One problem / advantage is that Ebay rules the online auction market and has milliions of visitors each and every day. You must use ebay if you want massive amounts of traffic, high bidding wars, ludicrus fees, megolithic dominance and undeniable sales. The fees on ebay should be a deterant to anyone who wants start up a business selling on online auctions, but the amount of customers coming through your virtual storefront seem to never end. 

It may sound like I am promoting ebay, and I am!  Anyone with half a brain should be selling on ebay.  NO doubt about that.  BUT you also need to supplement your income with alternative sources, Amazon, Bonanzle, RoboBomb, Bidtopia are all ideal resources for additional sales and profit.  What if ebay decides to change more rules… they will… what if those rules do not work well with your business?  You could be in trouble.  Dont let that happen.  Get other outlets for sales and start today.

My favorite free auction site is, the potential of this site is HUGE! All fees are optional. RoboBomb really needs more sellers and the buyers will be piling up. RoboBomb has a growing Social Network through Myspace, Facebook and YouTube.  This site will grow. Get into it now and reap the benefits of a exploding resource!

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