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How can i attract more people to bid on my items on Ebay?

December 23rd, 2012 6 comments

I got a few things up now and no-one really seems to be bidding
Any hints or tips to maximise bids?

You can pay for extra features such as having your item listed in bold and with a picture, items with a picture will get looked at before an item without.

The title of your item should be short, snappy and immediately explain what you are selling.

eg PS3 with 2 controllers and 2 games.
Opposed to: Computer console with accessories.

Write your description in colours and bold or italics, make your description short and snappy so buyers get the essential info straight away.

Some other hints and tips:

Look around at what other people are selling and see how they are displaying their goods.

If you are new to ebay and/or have a low rating on ebay people might dubious to buy something off you especially if you are selling something that is very expensive- the buyer might think its a con.

You could be selling stuff where there is already 100 of that item for sale thus demand for it isn’t high.

Your item might be too expensive compared to other items.

Also, most people don’t bid on an item during its run but instead bid within the last few minutes of the item that is on sale.

best way to promote an ebay store?

May 29th, 2012 1 comment

I sell on ebay from the uk and am a powerseller with 100% feedback, but sales seem to be slow. I sell womens dresses and tops, i was selling stuff like the top-shop items months before topshop even decided to sell them, any ideas on other fashions that are hot at the moment?

Apparently we’re in for a very hot summer, something thin and lite with a flair and style Chifon Cotton, Cool and Comfortable. Swimwear, for the increased numbers of swimmers, who might need a sense of style in the area of size and loud colours.