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What are some of the hottest items selling on eBay?

January 22nd, 2013 5 comments

I am always looking for things to sell on eBay. I usually look for small items I can ship really easy. What items do you think would sell really well? What do you buy on eBay?

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Top 10 at the moment
1. wii
2. cricut cartridge
3. iphone
4. ipod touch
5. ipod
6. coach
7. xbox 360
8. wii games
9. laptop
10. ps3

does anyone know where i can get a coachbuilt pram for really cheap?

January 5th, 2013 3 comments

i would really love a coach built pram ive tried ebay and preloved does anyone else know anywhere else or have one to sell?
thanks rhian

Is there such a thing now ?? We had a Marmet coach built pram for our kids as babies in the 1960’s … Silver Cross was the other main make . Cause they were big, had big wheels and didn’t fold up they Were not useable if going out by car etc , So as more people got Cars , they bought collapsible buggies, pushchairs etc. that would fit in the boot of a car . , So the sale of big prams declined . I haven’t seen a mum out with a big pram for many years now , Not sure if the posh families who employ nannies to take the kids out to the park etc, still use big prams now I don’t know … Not been to St. James’s Park in London for years .

What are some tips to sale things on EBAY?

May 13th, 2012 1 comment

I just recently put my 1st 3 iteams on. I am mainly saleing clothes. What are some thing i should do or not do to help things sale? thank you.

I’ve been selling clothing on eBay for 6 years. These tips will help you:

How to Make Your Items Appear at the Top of Searches

How to Use the Best Key Words

Increase Sales by Offering International Shipping

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