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Save Money By Buying A Used Car At A Car Auction

August 4th, 2012 3 comments

Save your money by opting for auction cars

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a second hand used car in a good condition. Well, if you are searching for a cheap car, it is advisable to take a look at the car auctions organized by police and government bodies. There are cars used by the police, open for auction somewhere in close proximity to you almost every alternate month.

Cars that are auctioned by police are generally the ones that are seized from criminals by the law enforcement agencies. These bodies are also in a practice of selling their own cars once they reach a certain age or go over say, 60,000 miles. These type of auctions offer a large volume of cars. In these auctions, it also happens that some of the good performing cars are sold for very cheap. It is easy for anyone to find a large variety makes and models right from the family cars to sports cars.

If you participate in any auction, you just have to place your bid on the cars you want to buy. During the auctioning, you get a directory of the cars that are open for bidding. So, according to your needs, pick the ones that are of your interest and place your bid. Always remember to find the resale value of the car you are interested in. Once you have determined the amount you are willing to spend for any car, you have to just place your bid. And if your bid is the highest one, the car will be yours. Most of the cars would go from 45 – 70 % less than their actual resale price. Therefore, don’t get excited and get into the bidding process by carefully watching the other bidders.

Try to reach the auction venue as early as possible and remain there until it gets over or until you have successfully owned the cars that you want to buy. Generally, the best deals strike either at the beginning or at the end of the auction. Most of the participants reach late at the auction venue and leave early. Comparatively, there is much less competition in the bidding at the beginning and at the end of an auction.

Before filing the final formalities such as writing the check, or verifying any other document, make sure that you have properly inspected the car. Most of the cars are in good condition but it is always suggested to be prudent, because once you have paid for the car, it’s final. Also, before leaving the auction venue, make sure that you are having all the documents needed for the ownership of the car.

The car auctions organized by the police and other government bodies are a great source of getting a second hand car in good running condition, much cheaper than its actual worth. Even if you use the car for an year or so and then resell it, it is possible that you get an amount higher than the amount at which you purchased the car.

Thomas Winn

Need recommendation for a gadget with a camera and web browsing?

February 12th, 2012 1 comment

I am in urgent need for a device that can take good quality pictures (by good, I mean if you view the image in a web browser the image could take up the full screen of a 10.6" laptop LCD display without any noticeable defects, assuming the photographer used proper technique), and at least moderate quality video (not HD, just good enough to put on youtube without being flagged as lame or un-viewable. Motion should not be too blurry). Storage on a removable USB stick or SD card would be a plus. Device also needs to connect to the web via wifi to upload images and video, and for basic email and web browsing. Display should be big enough to view standard websites, not just limited to "mobile content". Alternatively, I am willing to consider a device that attaches to an external display, such as LCD TVs commonly found in hotel rooms. Should preferably fit within a typical trouser pocket or a belt-mounted case. Budget for this is tight, so I need the cheapest solution that meets these requirements, hopefully under US$200.00. I will be using this while traveling internationally, and I don’t want to sign up for a cell phone contract or any other billing plan. After I am done with the device, between 30 to 90 days, I would prefer to sell the unit as "barely used" on amazon, craigslist, or ebay to recover some of the funds, so a device with broad appeal in the after-market is preferred. I plan to pay cash in person for the device, so it must at least be available from stores in major US cities, or at least a reasonable chance it can be available by private sale through a classified listing such as Craigslist. I’m considering an i-Pad or i-Phone clone or some other small tablet PC, or maybe a netbook if there is one that meets these requirements. What would you recommend and why.
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