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Can Intake filter reduce the gas spending?

November 20th, 2012 3 comments

I just saw an intake air filter K$N brand for sale on ebay. I wonder, if the intake filters can really improve the gas mileage of cars. I have Lexus IS250 AWD 2007 model. I am trying to reduce the spending of gas. Any helpful advises?

not really any more than replacing a dirty filter would
more likey to increase fuel not lower it

want to learn how to save fuel just type that into search box
many ways

type of fuel your putting in car cheap or high octane depends on which one gets the best mileage not price it cost
how one lets off gas and coast to a red light rater than drive up to one fast and hit brakes to stop
add more air in car tires a pound or two more save you a lot over a years time
quick take offs most is foot control how one give gas and brakes wil save alot

typing into sarchbox
how to save fuel
how to cut fuel cost
how to drive to save fuel

all kind of ways to save

adding a part never will do it .. its more how one drives and what one drives

first need to know if your using right type octane the one that gets you the best mileage
you can buy cheap fuel get 100 miles buy right fuel get 125 miles
checking tire pressure monthly
let off pedal when you know you have to stop before try coasting more to red lights or stops
steady speed in traffic saves so switching lanes dodging traffic trying to get somewhere fast waste alot more than time it cost more than driving say 70 and not 75 driving close to car in front of you and you hitting brake more when let off gas and drive at a slower speed wil save you time an dmoney

Am I responsible for misrepresentation on a sale of a vehicle when It was bought sight unseen?

May 29th, 2012 2 comments

I sold a vehicle on ebay auction site. I suggested to the buyer to have the vehicle inspected prior to sale. He declined. After purchase of the car, he now says I misrepresented the vehicle and wants his money back. I am not a dealer. Does this fall under The prudent care rule?
If the answer is "AS IS /WHERE IS" where is this written or implied?

To misrepresent the car, you lie about it. Did you do that? If so do the right thing. If you knew about some problemm but did not disclose it, you should still do the right thing. But if he assumed it had some accessory and did not ask, or if he thought that "no brakes" was "new brakes", then stand your ground. On eBay it is your feedback that determines your representation.