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Will you get in trouble with selling your 30% online footlocker code on ebay?

January 15th, 2013 3 comments

Would this be used online (at or in an actual retail store..? According to the official footlocker website..they mention "NO CODES NECESSARY for discounts".

Here are the Pro’s and Con’s:

If the 30% online Footlocker code was specific to your account (and your name/address/phone number, etc.), it’s possible that the person may be prevented from actually using it, because they may be asked/prompted to show identification, or offer up whatever your password/code is for your account-kind of thing. (iow; the buyer may require LOTS of your personal info to use the code..which is extremely risky).

Not only may he/she be declined from using it (without having all of your personal info handy) ..they may ask where he obtained the code, contact you (or close your account).. or do whatever loss prevention does in cases like this.

It IS considered ‘fraud’, btw. There’s no question about that fact. Legally, it is AS fraudulent and considered theft..just as if you (or the guy who’s buying the code) were to walk into a Footlocker and pick up a pair of running socks or shoes..and walk out without paying for them is considered stealing

Using a code that wasn’t offered/supplied to the buyer
= he’s stealing from Footlocker.

He may have PAID for the code..but all that means is that YOU benefited from Footlocker being ripped off. Footlocker would come after YOU.

The person could and would be arrested for stealing even a pair of socks from Footlocker (if caught in a store). Trying to fraudulently obtain 30% off by using someone else’s code (online or in a store)
= stealing
= theft
and the person could be arrested for attempting this.

What would YOU say if you were he..?! You can bet your bottom dollar that the first words out of his mouth would be "..But I BOUGHT this from blahblahblah..and his email address is blahblahblah and his screen name is":.. (see where I’m going with this?)

It seems (fairly) unlikely that the buyer would be arrested, because all he would have to say is he ‘found’ it..or just play dumb. But one never knows how large corporately run chain stores/online sales handle their loss prevention issues.

If a pair of running shoes retails for $240..and with that code, those shoes end up costing close to $80 LESS
Footlocker would take notice of that. If a few thousand people did this..that translates into Footlocker corporate office taking measures to make sure people are NOT handing over their discount codes (or selling them)..right..?!

Plus, it would suck if you sold the discount code to this person and they were declined the discount
= he would be p*ssed and harass you for a refund.

Plus Plus, what if HE, in turn, sells the code off to several different people and they get caught for fraudulently purchasing shoes at a substantial savings..? That means the code is traced back to YOU = YOU are in trouble for being a part of these criminal activities.


Call Footlocker and ask them if the code(s) are transferable:

Official Footlocker website:

(212) 720-3700
Customer Service/
Product Support

Are there any businesses or persons or clubs that buy Ty beanie babies ?

December 14th, 2012 4 comments

Or if I can find out if the beanie babies I have
may be worth anything ?

Any business that advertises that they will pay money for beanie babies is likely a scam.
The bottom has dropped out of the market. Most beanies go for fifty cents or a buck on ebay.
Usually, these companies want you to ship them, and then after an inspection, they will accept or decline the purchase. well guess what, I bet that unless you have one of the very rare beanies, the purchase will be declined. Then YOU pay to have them shipped back to you, or you can just let the company keep them for free.

Oh, someone will probably come on here and say, "I got $100 out of mine from company XYZ" Probably someone who works for company XYZ, And, in truth, it is often people from that same company that post these types of questions, just so they can advertise to unsuspecting collectors who are still hoping to get money in a dead market.

If you want to sell your beanies, go on ebay and see what they sell for. Sell the valuable ones there, where you will get the most money. Sell the rest at a garage sale for fifty cents. Or donate them.

Are auction good places to find items that are really bargains and worthwhile?

July 13th, 2012 1 comment

Is there any way to gauge the value of coins, stamps or paintings at auctions? There was no one who could tell me. What’s a good bet of finding something that really valuable at an auction. Any books? Any magazines or websites?

Pick a product you like and can afford. Go to the library or on the internet to get more information about the product. Attend auction previews without bidding. Without years of experience you won’t know what is real or fake, and what the values are if you bid on many different types of things. Experienced bidders look the item over, determine a high bid, and don’t go higher.