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Chapter 7 Bankruptsy Questions?

February 11th, 2013 2 comments

1. I have a lot of debt but lost track of all the creditors and collectors, can I do a credit report to find their information?

2. What if I file and left some creditors or collectors out, will they still be included?

3. I have a normal one bedroom apartment full of standard possessions. Will this remain mine?

~~There is a limit of what personal property you can retain, I know it’s $25,000 for a couple. You can get your three credit reports for free once a year from It tries to charge you for your credit score, just decline, you don’t need it. This will show most of your debtors. You must list them all otherwise if they are not discharged you will still owe them.

The apartment is not yours so is not part of your assets. Same with anything you make payments on, car etc. They are not assets unless you own them outright. For the inside possessions, you would add their worth as you would if you sold them on Ebay or a garage sale.~~