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Can an ebay autioner take their product off the website before the auction time is up?

December 2nd, 2012 2 comments

I really want this computer game, the aution ends tomorrow and no one has bid yet. Im planning on biding but i dont want to do it yet because i dont want it to attract other ppl. Then again, if i dont im afraid the person will take it down before it ends. Does anyone know if they have to wait until its over?

The short answer is: YES. The seller can even cancel the sale after the bidding closes.

OK, what you need is to do the bidding for you at the last minute. What esnipe does is take your bid and wait. You simply enter the maximum you are willing to pay. At some time before the bidding closes, usually 90 minutes, esnipe checks the current bid and if you are less than that, it emails you a warning that your bid is too low, giving you an opportunity to raise your bid. If it exceeds the current bid, it then places your bid a few SECONDS before bidding closes and you either win or lose. The whole idea is not to run up the bid exactly as you are fearing will happen if you bid NOW. Remember, this ONLY works IF you place your maximum bid at something realistic and others do not raise the bid above what you are willing to pay at most. If you try to "low-ball" the bid, you will be disappointed. The real question is, will this same item come up again and again? Or, is this a one time deal? If it will come up again and again, there is no harm in waiting for a decent deal by using a low bid. But if this is a one time deal, then you probably need a much higher bid to be successful. Only you can be the judge.

A while back, I was interested in obtaining an "astronomical" clock. This is a switch timer which adjusts itself for sunrise and sunset, which changes every day by a few minutes. These used to be used for flags which flew 24 hours to properly illuminate the flag at sunset until sunrise as is custom and tradition. These come up time again on ebay, and using esnipe, I was able to get one at a substantial saving when one came up and like you, it appeared no one was bidding. So, I got a $40 switch timer for $20 using esnipe after losing out on several that went much higher then the $20 I could afford to pay.

How am I charged for my ebay selling fee?

February 12th, 2012 3 comments

I just posted my first item for sale on ebay….I thought I would be automatically charged with the selling fee, but nothing happened.
Will I be charged after the auction time ends? Will it becharged to my paypal account? How will the charge it?

You will be charged a percentage of what the item actually sold for. There is a link on the left side of your My eBay page that says ‘seller account’. After your sale ends, your selling fees and your percentage will be there for you to pay. Usually it is paid from your paypal account, but you need to click ‘pay now’ and it will direct you to paypal where you will put in your password and pay it with just a click. Paypal automatically takes out their fees, eBay puts it in your seller account for you to pay.