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How do I make eBay auction longer then 10 days?

September 17th, 2012 4 comments

When I sell something on Ebay, it only allows me to have auction for 10 days, which cost an extra 40 cents. I noticed that some people have auctions for like 15-30 days, but yet only gives me the option to have auction for 10 days.

If you list the item with a Buy it Now price instead of an auction format you can have up to 30 days. This is really only useful for multiple items, say I have 20 dog leads, I list all 20 for one listing fee on a BIN price instead of individually and people buy them as they see them, no bidding involved. If happen to sell 19 leads then get some more before the last 1 is sold I can edit the auction and increase the amount for sale back up to 20 and pay no extra fee so then I will have sold 40 for one insertion fee price.

If you have just 1 item to sell it is better to use a bidding auction format. Most bidding auctions are won in the last 5 minutes no matter how long the auction runs for (no sensible bidder bids early it just bumps the price up) so there is no point having more than 10 days really? Your item will be at the end of the list at 10 days and I personally never scroll down more that 1 or 2 pages if I am intending to bid on an item.

Are auction good places to find items that are really bargains and worthwhile?

July 13th, 2012 1 comment

Is there any way to gauge the value of coins, stamps or paintings at auctions? There was no one who could tell me. What’s a good bet of finding something that really valuable at an auction. Any books? Any magazines or websites?

Pick a product you like and can afford. Go to the library or on the internet to get more information about the product. Attend auction previews without bidding. Without years of experience you won’t know what is real or fake, and what the values are if you bid on many different types of things. Experienced bidders look the item over, determine a high bid, and don’t go higher.