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can i cancel my ebay account and still get the items i payed for?10 points?

January 13th, 2013 1 comment

I want to cancel my ebay account ASAP but there are things ive payed for and that have not been shipped. Will they still send it anyways? Will they lose my address? Help please.

I have sold 1000’s of items and one of my Buyers ‘was no longer a registered user’ I still sent the item (and hope they received it- I have no way of knowing)
If I want to be dishonest I could have just kept the money.
I would therefore suggest you keep your account live until all transactions are complete- they will know you are not a member anymore and you will probablty find it harder to fight if anything goes wrong

IF you are closing your account because you think that Buyers cannot get a refund from you if a sale has gone wrong,you will still have to refund if Paypal find in their favour (irrelevant if you have closed it down)

Can you decline not having to pay for a item you won on ebay?

December 8th, 2012 1 comment

I bided on a item on ebay I won, but I no longer want it can I decline it ? they sent me an email telling me to pay for it.. but I don’t want it no more?

In this kind of situation the best thing to do is to contact the seller asap and let them know you no longer want the item and apologise profusely and ask them to cancel the sale. This works most of the time.

The worst things to do is to be rude or to simply ignore them and not explain.

Nothing of real consequence will happen even if they report you to ebay. However, if you keep doing this your account will ultimately be banned.

Stupid Ebay people haven’t received my payment via paypal but i sent it, what’s going on?

July 7th, 2012 1 comment

Well this is what is happening, I have purchased $60 worth of goods from Ebay off several different suppliers. At the time i went to pay the the people i actually had $0.00 in my paypal, My mum said i can still pay for the items and paypal will take it as a credit thing. Two days later i put $60 in the paypal account, i waited for the payments to clear for several days and then it saild Declined "Insufficient funds"

I used the pay now button from ebay to pay with paypal the first time, the second time i tried to pay (With the money now on my paypal) I could not click on the pay now button from ebay so i simply clicked the "Send money" on paypal to the sellers correct payment email address. All good and well, But they still say they have not received payments and will cancel the sale if the money does not clear in 4 days.

Paypal said that the payment was sent on the 3rd of Feb its now the 16th of Feb! whats going on?

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You should contact PayPal and or eBay. be careful, the seller, unless they have a high number selling stat.. could be trying to scam you. Contact PayPal and eBay ASAP