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Whats the best thing to sell on Ebay to make the best profit monthly?

March 10th, 2013 11 comments

plus any tips also on selling on ebay and how to get the best profit?

your eggs, the ones you get rid of within a period, one a month, thats alot of dosh.

I want to set up my own online business – but the only problem is i need to find a good wholesaler?

January 21st, 2013 4 comments


I’ve set up my own online business – and i want to sell alot of different things like dvd’s – clothes – pet stuff – sports equipment – the works.

But i cant find a good cheap wholesaler anywhere.

Does anyone know were i can find one on the internet? – i was thinking a Chinese one as they are cheaper.

Can anyone help?

First of all, you need to do an in depth market research. What’s your target market? You can’t just say, I want to sell a lot of different things.

Yes, everybody is buying DVD’s, but do you know what your target market is buying and can you compete with the big companies? Do you have the capital to promote your online store?

What’s the age of your target market? Are they female or male? Where do they live? Do they use internet a lot?
What’s the hobby of your target market?

Know your target market first. Most common mistake of every starting online business is: "my target market is everybody" Narrow down your target market. Find a niche market.

Starting an online business looks easy, because you don’t need to invest that much money. Just build a website and launch it. Don’t think you are done, once your website is launched. Your business hasn’t started yet.

How do you get people come to you website? How to increase your traffic? If they have found your website, ask yourself: why would they buy from you? Because it’s cheaper? NO. Never compete with the price. Better provide your customer with unique quality products or excellent customer service.

You can start online store in different ways:

1. Ebay store (low price image)
2. Amazon
3. Yahoo store
4. Build your own online store
5. Combine 1,2,3,4 to get maximum visitors

If you are going to build your own website, you need to do the following internet marketing techniques:

A. Find the most popular keywords your target market is searching for in Google & Yahoo
B. Optimization those Keywords with SEO (Search Engine Optimzation
C. Bid for those keywords at Google Adwords (Pay Per Click)
D. Write a Good sales copy about your products

and more….

Most online business use a drop shipping company so they can focus on the online marketing and customer service.

Here is an article with valuable tips about how to find a reliable drop shipper:

Here is another article how to design a website that sells:

Good luck with your business!

How do you get started into the real estate buisness?

January 7th, 2013 2 comments

Love sales but don’t know the first steps into real estate. I know theres alot of scams promising success within a week, but i don’t believe that’s true.

I am a real estate birddog, investor and mentor and I am not a fan of the no money down, make a million dollars in real estate your first month B.S. However you can make a lot of money in real estate if you set yourself up right from the beginning and treat it like a business. My partner and I work with people to first establish their skill level, interests (rehabbing, buying and flipping, landlording, etc) and we also discuss risk tolerance. If you are 36 years old with a mortgage, wife and three children, you have more at stake than a 22 year old who rents a cheap apartment and only has to worry about himself. And different people have different comfort levels when it comes to risking capital or even taking on the responsibility of property.

That being said, I believe the best way to start is to read as many real estate books that you can get your hands on. I usually go to the library and take out books and if I think the book has good info, I will buy it. Also, you can go to ebay and and look for real estate courses at greatly reduced prices. A lot of these have never been opened.

While you are doing that, look for a real estate investor group near you (go to and click on groups). You can meet other investors and they can give you tips on who has better courses.

To me, if you are working with little money and are not sure of yourself yet, I recommend birddogging houses for other investors. You can learn your local market and also learn what other investors look for (this is called a clue). While you are learning, you should also make sure your credit is good (yeah, I know the no money, no job, no credit line. You dont need them, but it sure makes your life easier if you have them!). Also, line up your money, whether it is a line of credit, bank, mortgage broker and/or hard money lender or private investors.

I have generated $10,000 in a weeks time (with about 6 hours worth of work) tho it took a couple of weeks for the first $3,000 to be paid and about two months until the house closed and the rest came in. So, yes. You can make big and fast money in real estate. But it is better to go in with knowledge because there are sharks in the waters and scammers are out there.

If you want more info, you can email me at

Barbara Grassey
www.nobledeeds. com

Ebay question about canceling the winning bidder because he is in Nigeria?

January 5th, 2013 6 comments

I listed a laptop for sale on Ebay but the winning bidder lives in Nigeria. I stated in the description that I only ship to the United States so can I just cancel his bids and offer it to the next highest bidder? When I tried to cancel the bid it said that I can’t because the auction all ready ended.
Thanks Renata, thats alot of help. Go shoot yourself.

You can contact ebay (live help) and explain what is going on with your listing.

Or, you can tell your buyer that you will only accept a international money order payable in U.S. dollars AND that the money order will have to clear your bank before you send out the laptop to them.

Since you stated that you only sell to buyers within the United States, you need to set your prefrences so that only U.S. bidders can bid on your listings.

To do that, follow the following steps.

Go to "My Ebay", under "My Account", (left hand column), you’ll see "Site Preferences". Click on that.

Under "Selling Preferences", go to the 8th item down, which will say "Buyer requirements". To the right of that, click on "show"

Now you’ll see this:

Block buyers who:
Have received 2 Unpaid Item strike(s) within 1 Month(s).
Are registered in countries to which I don’t ship
Have a feedback score of -1 or lower
Are currently winning or have bought 10 of my items in the last 10 days and have a feedback score of 5 or lower

Click on "edit" and check this box:

Buyers in countries to which I don’t ship
Block buyers who are registered in countries to which I don’t ship.
This requirement can help you avoid buyers who agree to purchase your items without realizing you don’t ship to their location.

Then click on "submit"

You’re done then.

Hope this helps!

How do I go about opening an online bookstore and make money with it?

December 10th, 2012 1 comment

If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Hi there,

It’s quite easy to set up the store it’s self, you just need to design the website around some shopping cart software so that people can purchase online. If you didn’t want to do this yourself you could outsource it and get someone at Elance to do it for you.

The hard part is then getting traffic to it. The best way we found with our online store was that we started by selling on ebay and building up a name for ourselves on there while we slowly built up the traffic and sales to the website shop. I’d also highly recommend using Google adwords to drive specific traffic there. Adwords works really well but does also take some time to perfect and maintain.

We actually now use some software that holds a database and we just put the description and photo’s in once and then it lists it both on eBay and the website.

Just remember to build it up can be a slow process so don’t get dishearted if the sales come slowly at first, just keep working hard and you’ll get there.

Also if your spending alot of time online you might want to look at a "pay to surf" site like AGLOCO that will give you some extra income for being online.

I hope this helps you out.

Cheers, ToNy!

P.S. you might also want to do some clever off line marketing for the site….. my first idea was giving away free bookmarks with the site name and details on at the library’s.

P.P.S if you want to stand out from the competition i’d recommend you get super fast shipping…. there’s nothing better than ordering online 1 day and getting it 1 or 2 days later. I always buy again from those sites.

P.P.P.S You will also need to set yourself apart from the competition like amazon and have a point of difference that you can market. Maybe you should look at setting up smaller niche book stores. e.g. 1 site for cook books, 1 site for gardening books
This way they are normally better to optimize in the search engines like Google and easier to start up because your not trying to do everything to start with. You could also offer a range of E-Books on there to download for a certain price.

Is there anyway that I can get a paid survey or sampleon any major sales website like amazon or eba?

November 14th, 2012 3 comments

I want to know if people are making money taking samples or surveys from any of the major sales sites like amazon or ebay or walmart?

Yes you can make money, but you don’t make very much. My favorite site (the only one I’ve found worth while) is swag bucks. Swag bucks uses a google based seach engine that gives you a chance to win "swag bucks" when you search. But its slow because you can’t just spam searches, only the first 20 searchs you do per day have a chance of winning. you get an average of 1-5 points per day by searching. Since i search everyday anyway I use swag bucks to make a bit of extra cash. I’ve gotten a alot of amazon gift cards.
If you’re interested you can use this link:

How do you find out whether or not a foreclosed house sold at auction?

November 12th, 2012 1 comment

The house was advertised to go to auction on July 17. We can’t find out whether or not it sold. We don’t know the auction company that had it. How do we find out if it sold and what the next steps are?

Hi Teresa,

Which auction? When you talk about a foreclosure – do you mean the sheriffs sale ( at the courthouse steps)? or was it sold by the bank through a auction house?

Ok, if you are talking about the auction at the courthouse steps – it definetly sold because the bank has an automatic bid for the amount that is owed to it. Depending on your area of the country – the bank usually has the highest bid and gets the house back after the redemption period is over.

If it was an auction company like hudson and marshall or williams and williams – then it was probably sold because these auctions are usually "absolute" meaning highest bidder wins regardless of amount, however, sometimes the bank says "no" and then they relist with a realtor. Alot depends on the houses actual value.

If you are working with a realtor they can look and find out for you.

Good luck

Copy this ebay seller and make over $10,000 a month dropshipping on ebay ( live proof)

August 5th, 2012 5 comments

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you would make so much money that it would completely change your life for ever.
again everytime an order from amazon comes in on ebay, you would go to and click on the box, that would redirect you back to amazon, and buy that item for much less than what its going for on ebay, and you profit the difference.

Duration : 0:8:26

Read more…

Need help Selling Stuff on short notice?

July 7th, 2012 2 comments

We are moving out of state in one week, and our house is basically just as full as it was 2 months ago. We have tried to have a "moving sale" (one person showed up after 2 days of selling), advertised my butt off on, the local paper,ebay, and priced everything uber cheap to sell… but nothing. We have had alot of calls, but of course we wait around and no one ever shows up.

I was thinking of driving to my mothers home 20 miles away tomorrow (Sunday) to try and sell, but I am not prepared, I would have to wake up at 4am to set up, and have heard that Sundays are pretty slow selling days.

At this point I am feeling pretty lost, my condo doesn’t allow moving sales, so I can’t even put up signs, and I don’t know anyone in the area with a yard to do a garage sale there.

Any help on how to sell my stuff would be appreciated!

If all else fails you could gather up all you can’t sell but don’t want and bag it up and donate to the Salvation Army or places that take donations. Get a receipt for it and you can claim that amount on your taxes. You would be surprised how much it adds up and I know a family member that does this each year so basically you still get your money.

selling things on ebay????????????

June 26th, 2012 2 comments

hi. im kind of a new user to ebay when it comes to selling things. you see..i have this old phone that i wanna get rid of ( its a Droid 3) and i wanna sell it because it in really good condition and its only a couple months old. i figure if i sell it on ebay i can get good money from it but i dont really know how. like how do you determind how much the shipping is? and how do i mail it? and how do i get the money when someone buys it? and could you come up with your own price?

For price: search on ebay and look at the prices of the same item and look at completed listings to see how much they close at.

For everything else read the info on ebay, it is all there. If you have more questions look on ebay and it will have been covered. When it isn’t use their boards as there is alot of info there and knowledgeable users.