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Relationship of Internet Marketing With Dummies!

March 5th, 2013 No comments

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There are many people every day jumping into the online world. With more and more people using the internet the floodgates of internet users are opening wider everyday. But how, as a home business owner, can you expect to compete with the “big dogs” of the internet and dip your cup into the profits as well?

There are a ton of tips and tricks that people will tell you are the “best” way to advertise your home business??. But do them incorrectly or choose the wrong methods and all you’ll really end up doing is increasing your frustration, not your traffic or your sales.

I remember back when I started my first business (not online) it seemed like almost everyday someone was willing to offer me a great deal to advertise my business. For more details visit towww. course with all these different resources out there some of them had to be more effective than others. The only problem was ???. HOW Do I Tell Which Ones? I had limited resources and certainly couldn’t afford to give them all a try, unless I just wanted to cross my fingers and hope they worked so I wouldn’t go out of business!

Thankfully, today’s online world provides home business owners with a variety of different marketing techniques, and each can be as profitable as the next. As a business owner you simply have to decide what you are willing to invest in your business, and which will have the best return on your investment

Let’s run through a few of the most popular types.

Paid Banner (CPM + CPC) and Paid Text-

Banner ads you can pay for as CPC(cost per click) or CPM(cost per every thousand times banner is displayed) usually placed in a high traffic area on a site that causes visitors of that site to see it and visit your site.

Paid Text advertising is similar only the ad is in the form of a text link usually off to the sides (or at the top in search engines like Yahoo! And Google) For more details visit to you are going to use this kind of advertising make sure you pick the sites you place your ads on carefully (popular sites will be expensive but you should get more clicks and smaller sites will be cheaper, but often with little or no results)

E-mail lists –

Programs or services that will get your link out to many different internet users. These can be good if you have a very widely used type of product. The negative to these lists is that with new e-mail features often these types of messages get marked as spam and are disregarded by the intended recipient.

Free Traffic Generators –

Traffic generators like Traffic Swarm can be a great way of just getting people to go to your site. There are some that you can pay for that will guarantee you a certain number of visitors for a set price. Problem is that most of the people that are now visiting your site aren’t really interested in your product or service. You might get one or two sales from extremely impulsive buyers but the rest only visit to earn credits or something of the sort from the home site. If you’re going to rely on this type of advertising make sure your visitor/buyer ratio is already high for your site.

Link Exchange –

This is by far the best way of driving quality traffic to your site?? If you do it right! Before you even THINK about trying to exchange links with other sites there’s a few things you should know?

1. Download the Google toolbar – This way you will be able to tell the page rank of any pages you want to exchange links with (higher the PR the higher in the search ranking which means more traffic)

2. Exchange links with only pages of PR 4 or higher. It will help your page more by having a few PR4+ pages linking to you than 10000 pages with no page rank.

3. Build your content FIRST! Don’t expect E-Bay to display your link just because you asked them nicely! Webmasters want to know they are linking to a quality site with a good amount of substance. Focus on building your site before you ask people to link to it.

4. Try to exchange links with other sites that have the same key words as yours. Ie: There’s no reason to exchange links with a flower web site if you sell telephone service

The only thing this type of advertising will cost you is a little effort. The greatest part of it is that the people that visit your site are people that are actually interested in your product or service, not just people stopping by to earn credits?? And you don’t pay a cent. There are many books and sites on the web that can give you more details on how to effectively exchange links to your benefit.

Hopefully these tips have helped you narrow down the best type of advertising for your site. The one thing that hasn’t changed in the transition from regular to internet marketing is that you never really know what will work best for you until you try. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet and see what you like!


5 Simple Steps To Marketing Success

February 20th, 2013 16 comments

Internet and affiliate marketing is rife with ebooks, software and coaching programs all designed to make you a better affiliate marketer. It’s a shame that few of them actually do. Countless newbies and experienced marketers alike want to increase their earnings by using the latest techniques and buy countless ebooks to help them do so. It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have ever purchased the latest IM ebook to get that edge on you competition you are usually buying nothing more than a rehashed technique. Sometimes though you find a real gem something that really helps, but most times you end up frustrated even further with another $97 down the drain.

However, there is a marketing lesson in all this. Why do marketers continue to sell these ebooks and software? The answer is because people buy them and they buy them in droves. “Gurus” have found a rabid hungry market that demands more and newer information and gladly pays for it. In that simple statement my friend, is the key to your marketing success.

There is an old analogy that says if you put an engine (marketing techniques) on an airplane that will fly (good marketing fundamentals) then you can fly forever. If you put that same engine on a plane that won’t fly because of poor design or poor construction, you will just crash even faster. So why not learn how to build a solid plane to start and then add an engine?

Marketing fundaments are simple and old as time. The problem lies in their simplicity. People tend to ignore them and look for something more complicated. It’s in our nature to complicate things, but successful marketing boils down to the following:

1. Find a market – There are so many ways to do this from ebay, to amazon, to magazines, to best selling books.
2. Find out what the market wants – Spend a little time where the market hangs out. Forums and discussion groups are a great place online.
3. Give the market what they want – With a little research and effort its not to hard to figure out. What does the market say and do?
4. Get Feedback – If you are making sales, then you are on the right track. If your not, then your not.
5. Tweak and repeat – Take the feedback that the market gives you and adjust. Then go find another market.

It is so easy to dismiss these steps as too basic because they are so simple. Yet your first or next marketing success will come from following those 5 simple steps. Take them, commit them to memory and take action daily and soon your income will begin to grow. It might start at $25, $50, $150 month, but with dedication and consistency it will soon become $2,500, $5,000, or $15,000

Steve Gray

To Darn Many Ways To Make Money!

February 11th, 2013 6 comments

Affiliate Marketing, Google Ad Words, Google Ad Sense, Network Marketing, Niche Marketing, Direct Mail, Real Estate, Stock Market Investing, Direct Marketing, The 4X Market, High Yield Investment Programs, Direct Sales, EBay and Online Auctions, Information Marketing……………the list goes on and on and on and on.

Where do you start?

What do you do?

Here is a story that you may relate with and hopefully provide a couple of ah ha moments. About 3 years ago I was speaking at an Internet Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida. On the front row was a bright eyed enthusiastic young man in his twenties named Rob.

I was one of the first speakers at the event and my topic was “How to Create a $5,000+ Monthly Income with EBay and Online Auctions”. I could tell during my presentation that Rob was getting excited about the possibilities of making money with EBay & creating cash flow with online auctions.

When my presentation was over several attendees went to the back of the room to invest in one of my training programs. Rob was the first in line. I discovered later that Rob had invested in my Deluxe $1,500.00 How to make money with EBay package which included 8 hours of 1 on 1 training and coaching along with the DVD’s CD’s and manual.

I noticed throughout the weekend that Rob invested in 3 or 4 other programs during the seminar. I thought to myself, this is good. He is a newbie and he is going to try to find the right cash generating program for himself. I had the opportunity to visit with Rob briefly towards the end of the weekend, and sure enough he had inherited about $10,000 recently and decided to invest that money into a financial vehicle that would get him out of his dead end job working for the airlines.

I reminded him to contact our office to schedule his first 1-on-1 coaching session and encouraged him that online auctions can be used as a marketing division with whatever business he choose, even if he didn’t want to do auctions as a stand alone business. This concept is discussed at

Six weeks later, I was reviewing my client list and going through some records and I realized that Rob had never called our office to schedule his first one-on-one session which he had already paid for. I rarely do this, but I decided to pick up the phone and check in with Rob.

He told me that he had marked in his day timer to call me that week. He then went on to share with me three or four businesses that he had unsuccessfully tried over the past 6 weeks that had not made him a penny. This was a clue, that this gentleman definitely had unrealistic expectations and I made a mental note to discuss this during our first telephone consulting session, which we had scheduled for a week later.

Over the next 5 weeks Rob and I met on the phone once a week. My goal was to teach him how to make money on EBay and become a full time entrepreneur He got 20 items from his closet and garage on EBay during the first week and sold 16, which is statistically above average.

His second week using some techniques we taught he put $301.00 cash in his pocket. The fourth week almost $500.00 more and he jumped over the $500 mark his 6th week earning $711.00. At this point Rob was well on his way to creating a full time income successfully selling on EBay, and I knew it was just a matter of weeks until he would be able to submit his resignation to the airlines.

His sixth week, he didn’t call in for his scheduled training session. I assumed that something had come up and was confident that he would be calling to reschedule. At this point I certainly wasn’t going to beg him to continue his “self education”.

Three years go buy and I never heard from Rob again, until about 2 ½ weeks ago. The phone rang at our office and my assistant told me there is someone named Rob XXXX on the line. I thought to myself Rob XXXX, I know that name, how do I know that name?

(I use XXXX to protect the guilty, but I will personally be sending him a copy of this article)

I took the call, and as soon as I heard his voice everything came back to me. Rob, what happened to you? I responded. I will never forget his response. “Well you know what the problem is Mr. Calvert, there are just too darn many ways to make money” He went on to tell me that he still had his crummy job at the airlines, and all he had been doing for the past 3 years was basically spinning his wheels, trying one entrepreneur enterprise after another.

He said he made the most progress during the short 6 weeks we spent together learning how to make money on EBay and he was ready to pay me my consulting and coaching fee to get him back on track and his income to $3,500 a month with online auctions so he could quit his job.

I see this epidemic everywhere I go. Would be full time, home based, entrepreneurs that are suffering from information over load. They are a jack of all money making methods and a master of none!

Is this you?

I have to admit, at one time that was me. I became so fascinated with the Internet and the possibilities that I spent hours upon hours studying different systems and implementing few or none of those systems.

Here is what I have discovered.

Choose the strategy & systems very carefully.

You must ask yourself, am I looking for short term or long term cash flow?

Is this a system that I want to run for a long time or short time?

What are the realistic income possibilities for this project? This is a very important question. One of the best quotes I have heard over the years is “You have to say no to a lot of good projects to make certain you have time for the great ones”

Once you decide on a project, you must STAY WITH IT, until you are profitable!

Always remember that the problem is not the project or the system. If other people are making it work, so can you. The real problem is always in the mirror.

The best money you can spend is on one-on-one coaching from a mentor who knows what they are doing. These type of coaches can take years off of your learning curve, and will pay you back 100 times what you invest in their knowledge and expertise.

I personally do consulting with people in three our four niche markets. I also personally pay a coach in another market I am in the process of mastering. I am always amazed that most of the time the people that hire me to coach or consult with them are already full time entrepreneurs earning strong six figure incomes. Yet the newbie will spend $97.00 over and over for the latest eBooks on the newest hot trend and never even consider hiring a coach. Listen, even Tiger Woods needs a coach!

Once you start a project, STAY WITH IT, until it is profitable.

Think BIG! Once you have a project that is working, ask yourself, how can I duplicate this?

I recently had a lady from Utah call me and wanted to hire me to consult with her one on one to teach here how to make money with EBay & get her business started and profitable. She was very discouraged because she had spent the last six months focusing on how to create a website designed to create income from Adsense. After she got her “self education”, she built her site in less than 3 hours. She said she had finally figured out the formula after spending almost $2, 0000 on books and courses, but last month she only averaged about $5.00 a day from her sight.

My response, “You don’t need me, you need 999 more websites”. This ladies problem was she wasn’t thinking big enough and she wasn’t thinking duplication. I told her after she had 1,000 websites each earning her $5.00 a day ($5,000 a day total) She could call me if she wanted and I could help her get to $5,000 a month in profit with EBay and online auctions. She thanked me for the paradigm shift and hopefully I will never hear from her again until we are speaking together at a seminar somewhere.

Is it time for you to quit spinning your wheels and get focused on exactly what systems and cash generating programs you want to master? A free book entitled The Top 6 Cash flow Systems for 2006 might help you, and you can get your copy at

After you decided, get some coaching, get profitable & duplicate!

Dale Calvert

Is there any free download ebook so i can make money ?

January 9th, 2013 3 comments

My day job is sucks and as long as i can’t find night time job , i might have to work at home to doing sending email , promoting company website and so on. Who’s out there to help me ?

Hey Jay,

There is a pretty good ebook that shows you proven steps on how to make money on ebay. Many online marketers use the steps in this ebook and they are highly sucessful. You can get it for free here

Also if you would like to work from home you can look into online marketing or affiliate marketing. Which is basically you promote other peoples products or services using various free and paid techniques.

Free techniques can be ad postings, article writing, video blogging and paid techniques can be google ad words, msn ads, etc.. and you would use those above techniques to send to the merchants salespage then you would get comission based on each sale you direct!

In this free ebook it has various resources to help you make money online. So have fun and don’t absorb to much information!

3 Key Internet Business Start Up Ideas – Without a Website

February 25th, 2012 6 comments

A great deal of money has been made by online entrepreneurs who have implemented these 3 highly successful business models that can help you create income online without having to invest a single a cent in website design, hosting, optimizing or website maintenance.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is how to set yourself up as an affiliate marketer

1. Becoming an Affiliate

Firstly you need to sign up as an affiliate with individual companies or affiliate networks that represent several companies.

These affiliate networks usually have a wide range of products and services to choose from and offer everything from e-books to networking products to sell.

They also administer your account in such a way as to provide you with up to date earning and traffic statistics.

2. Get Products and Services to Sell

Next you need to identify the products or companies whose products you would like to promote.

You can do this by either choosing the most popular, hottest selling products or the ones that you have an interest in or are knowledgeable about.

3. Selling and Marketing

Once you’ve got your unique affiliate link, which you’ll get from the affiliate network, for each product that you want to sell you need to start getting it all over the internet.

This link can then be promoted by,

1. advertising it

One of the most effective and most popular advertising models involves you setting up a Google Adwords account

You then purchase pay-per-click keywords on which determine when, where and how often your Google Adsense ads appear all over the internet.

Your affiliate tracking code will be embedded in the Adsense link which will send buyers directly to the affiliate merchant.

You will then earn commission on each sale made.

This is the best way of getting massive targetted traffic to the merchant’s site where your prospects will hopefully make a purchase.

However, whilst you may be generating traffic don’t forget that each click your ad gets costs you money and if you are spending more on Adwords advertising than you are generating in commission you will be out of pocket soon.
2. having it included in someone else’s website

3. using it in an e-mail newsletter – direct marketing

2. Start Selling on eBay
eBay is the hottest e-commerce site on the web today, and for good reason…

* More than 2 million people visit every single day, spending an

average of two hours navigating through eBay’s pages and listings

* More than $1,000 in sales happen on eBay every single second

* 72% of eBay users have incomes in excess of $50,000 per year–so they come ready to spend!

And while those listings will cost you only pennies to place on eBay’s pages, you gain immediate access to millions of buyers who are looking for items just like yours.
3. Start Selling on Purpose Built Websites
One of the easiest ways of setting up an online business is to buy into a ready made store front that will be populated with thousands of digital products and services all embedded with your unique affiliate tracking code

So everytime a purchase is made from your site you are credited with the commission.

So there you have it, employ one or all three methods to launch a legitimate and sustainable online business

Mark Bellinger

Getting Started With Affiliate Internet Marketing

February 4th, 2012 12 comments

It’s been said that affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, one the quickest and most efficient ways of making money online. There are several reasons for this. A big attraction is that most affiliate programs don’t require any enrollment fees. There’s no financial investment on the part of the affiliate. Plus, it’s an excellent way to earn money online without having your own products to sell. You can simply choose a product you are interested in, and set up a web site to promote it.

An affiliate’s only job is to generate traffic to their unique affiliate link by pre-selling the merchant’s products. The sales page, the payment processing, the digital delivery, and the post sales services is all handled by the affiliate merchant.

An affiliate tracking link will track how many sales you make from your website, and you’ll be rewarded with the commission earnings.

What You Need To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate network to manage your sales. This is not mandatory, but is preferred for beginners as you are able to manage your sales and statistics from one central interface. Also, many networks contain several affiliate products, so you can group similarly themed products to sell.

Two of the major affiliate networks are Commission Junction and Clickbank. Amazon and Ebay also have their own affiliate programs which can be quite lucrative. There are hundreds of other affiliate providers and you can use your favorite search engine to find them. Just enter the terms ‘affiliate networks’ and hit search.

Sometimes, to achieve better results require some expense. Getting a web host, for example, as well as a domain name, would require you to spend money. Getting professionally made graphics to make your website attractive can also cost dig into your pocket. Pay Per Click advertising, commonly referred to as PPC advertising can be costly if not done properly. These are just a few things to keep in mind.

A Website

You will require a web site or at least one page on an existing web site you might own. It’s not always necessary to set up a whole website to promote one affiliate product. You might choose to dedicate just one single page to this product, and this is fine. This method can actually be very successful. If you don’t know HTML, the language required to build a website, you can consider using a blog.

WordPress Blog Platform

WordPress is a movable-type blog. It’s a software program you download and use to create your own blogs which you could upload in your own server. You won’t have to settle for the words ‘blogspot’ or ‘livejournal’ or ‘xanga’ to be attached to your URL. You could host your blog under its own domain name, or as another page in your main website.

Blogs are great marketing tools. They get indexed quite quickly by the search engines, and often, the figure prominently well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). They could also give your main website the backlinks it needs to boost its own page rank. Additionally, a blog can be customized to become your main website.

The primary advantage of this approach is the convenience you’ll receive when it comes to publishing content. Download the WordPress client for free from .

A Product To Promote

Preferably this will be a product you have purchased yourself, as you will want to be fully aware of all aspects of the product so you can produce truthful reviews and promotions for it.

It’s best if you can choose a product that you truly like, as people will prefer your honest opinion on it and can generally tell if you are only promoting it “for the money” rather than from your own experience. and Commission Junction for example, have thousands of products that you can choose from in a wide variety of niches. These are good places to begin to find a product to promote as an affiliate.

Text That Sells The Product (Copywriting)

This is where you make your sales. You need to tell people why they should buy this product, what is in it for them?

Often this can take the form of a product review. You might casually review the product you are promoting, and subtly add an affiliate link during and after the article. This method works well as it doesn’t directly look like you are selling anything.

Those are the basics of starting your affiliate internet marketing business.

Michelle Greene