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Ebay Advice/Tips, Please Advise?

July 13th, 2012 4 comments

I need some suggestions as to some things that i can do to attract more bidders. I have my Iphone for sale on ebay, and it is selling for significantly less than some of it’s competition. In comparing it to others my listing has alot of "one ups" that others don’t… mine is brand new, im offering free shipping, i’ve got it bolded, Pictures, im offering to unlock it… i just don’t understand why it’s not getting the bids like the others. Any suggestions or tips to get folks to quit watching and BID! I’m down to 13hrs left on a 3 day auction and mine is selling at less than 1/2 what comparable others are. Thanks ahead of time for any advice!

First of all I would have done a longer listing for more exposure but that aside does it say there are any "watchers"?

Most bids come in the last hour or two so don’t panic yet. If it’s a good deal it will sell.