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How does selling on Ebay work exactly?

November 24th, 2012 2 comments

I sold something on Ebay like 5 or 6 years ago once & I think it was like a $10 fee. But Sometimes people sell things for a penny. Does the fee go by percentage? Or is it always the same? What about people with Ebay stores? Can someone just give me a sum up if you know? Thanks!

The fee varies by starting price. Generally, anything under $9.99 costs a minimum of 35 cents to list in a normal auction.
If you have a basic ebay store, there is a $14.99 monthly fee, but you can list store items under $9.99 for only 3 cents for basic listings.
Regular auction items have a 8.5% final value fee if the item sells under $9.99. Store listings though have a 12.5% final value fee for items that sell at $9.99 and under.
You can quickly make your auction a LOT more expensive if you add any special features like a subtitle or more photos hosted by Ebay. If you know how to use html or a listing site, you can save money on listings by hosting your photos elsewhere and using html to include them in your listing. Generally, the higher your starting price, the higher your insertion fee. BUT, in some cases the final value fee percentage goes down when the price goes up.
Read through all the new rules if you want to sell on Ebay now. Ebay is a lot meaner then they used to be. There are "secret" brand restrictions out the wazoo. As in, you’ll finish writing up your whole listing, go to submit it, and find out that to prevent counterfeits that Ebay has restricted sale of that brand and that you have hit the limit of how many of them you are allowed to sell. To give you an example of how ridiculous it is, I have 100% feedback and several years on ebay and last month I was only allowed to list ONE Gap brand item. It was a used skirt for $7.99. Every time you revise a listing, like if you made a mistake, it counts as if you listed another item and takes you closer to your brand limit.
If your buying merchandise to resell, DIVERSIFY! You never know when your going to hit a brand limit and nothing sucks worse then spending your entire merchandise budget and then not being able to list it for 30 days because of brand restrictions.
Also, make sure your friends and family know that they aren’t allowed to buy anything from you. My mom bid on some pans of mine that she wanted and I got all my listings deleted, none of my listing fees refunded and a 14 day ban from listing in auction format. All because my mom thought it would be a good idea to buy one of my items.. Aaargh!

How can this be legal for Paypal?

September 20th, 2012 4 comments

I’m 20 years old and sold a few things on ebay recently.
I never received the funds however because I apparently owe Paypal money from 6 years ago.

When I was 14 I had a debit card. I wasn’t too responsible with it even though my mother worked at a bank.
I used this card to try to buy something on eBay. I figured it would work because I was 14.
Long story short the card was declined and no money was withdrawn from my account (other than the overdraft fee which I had just learned about as a result of the attempted transaction)
The account was closed because I clearly was too young to have one anyway.

Paypal said that the man that I bought the PS3 from 6 years ago had sent the merchandise yet I never received it.
14 year old me was accused for fraud because I had tried to buy something I didn’t have funds for.
I was just oblivious to how bank accounts and cards and everything worked so I hadn’t done any of this intentionally.
So Paypal payed the seller of the item and he never sent the item. I wasn’t aware of this at the time because, once again, I was 14 and I never checked my email so how was I to know I owed them money back then? Now its 6 years too late and they want me to pay $380. I never got the item so why should I pay them a dime?

Now in my recent sales (on a separate account)
Paypal held funds with no warning apparently they linked my two accounts.
The first one I created when I was 14. So how am I legally bound by whatever I may have accepted back then?
They won’t even let me contact the seller who stole the money and the item.
They won’t even contact him. They fronted him the money he didn’t even deserve because he never sent anything. Now I’m out cash because they think I owe them.

Is there any way to stick it to paypal and appeal this? Or do I have to let myself be scammed?
I did give them a real card number. I didn’t knowingly ignore emails saying I needed to pay them. There is no notifier of if the recipient actually read an email someone else had sent. They just sent emails to my spam/website login address. I had no reason to check those.

I ONLY lied about being 18. I wasn’t 18 and therefore not bound by their contract.
I figured that I never received the item because I didn’t pay for it. That only makes sense.

The only way around getting use out of paypal without paying is using a false name but I’m pretty sure that is illegal.

This one is tricky, you made a purchase but your card was declined. Paypal didn’t decline your card, your bank did. So, Paypal is not at fault on that one.

Paypal guarantees a sale and the funds, which is why they were required to still pay the sender. You could have contested at that time that you never received the item, but you were too ignorant to check your email (which is a lie, you saw those emails and decided not to follow up).

You do owe Paypal money, regardless of whether the item was actually sent. Go back and read the Paypal contract.

You aren’t getting scammed. You tried to scam Paypal (albeit, 6 years ago and as a minor) and now they are getting payback. Debts cannot be collected after 7 years (similar to statute of limitations) in most jurisdictions. If you would have waited another year, you might have been fine.

File Chapter 7 or be a slave for 6+ years?

July 3rd, 2012 3 comments

I have $35,000 in credit card debt. I am unable to find work in Michigan except selling on eBay, which is how I amassed most of my debt. I did well for a couple of years, but loss of sources, increased competition and slow sales over the past 2 years have left me living with my parents and barely able to make my minimum payments. I am not using my credit cards at all, and literally have no money left after bills, food and rent. (I do pay rent, which helps my Mom – it was actually her idea that I move home.) According to the online credit calculators, at my current payments, it will take me more than 6 years to pay off all my cards, that is if I can find the money. Should I just go ahead and file Chapter 7, since I’m probably stuck at my Mom’s house for the next several years, and will be lucky to find a job at Target? Would a Chapter 7 hurt my chances at finding a crappy minimum wage job? After being self-employed four years, I don’t have the resume to get a good job anyway.

Yeah eBay’s new fees hurt tons of folks… Chapter 7 may be a GOOD idea at this point in time, but you need to talk to a lawyer about it, and it will cost a few grand to get everything done. But in the end, you wont have the credit card bill anymore. You need a GOOD lawyer because the way Chapter 7 is structured nowadays, some or all of your credit card debt may follow you forever – so a good lawyer will make sure that does not happen to you.

If you have a lot of stock left, and still have your eBay store running, even if limping along, you may want to instead look at selling your entire business – the eBay store, the stock and the business name. A pre-established business and someone with some fresh ideas may make a good match. Maybe someone will be willing to pay you $40k for everything or something like that.

eBay Alternatives – Where can I successfully sell now?

July 1st, 2012 4 comments

I was on eBay for 6 years, over 10,000 positive feedbacks. i closed my account recently; I became to dissatisfied with their policies and rising of fees, it is too big now, I was also getting more non paying bidders than ever before and eBay seems uniterested in addressing these issues.
my question: I sell everything, at Present I have 4 dyson vacuums, 6 sets of cutco homemakers, kitchenaid mixers, 16 PS3s, and more than 20 wii. (to name a bit of curent inventory)I have researched and researched. Amazon, was VERY SLOW, Overstock EVEN MORE SLOW. I have found many collectible focused auction sites, but where are users like me to go? Powersellers who worked hard to keep feedback consistant. Craigslist…goodness, Craigslist just did not work. As successful as eBay is, has there been no decent alternative created yet for those of us who have become increasingly unhappy with eBay?
it seems like I’ll just need to put up "garage sale" signs and hope my neighbors are interested…

I’ve used in the past, but I think they no longer accept sellers from outside australia

Network Marketing and the Art of Closing Sales and Getting Results

May 19th, 2012 No comments

Why is it that so many MLMers never get around to making an stable and recurring income you ask? First of all this type of business is called Network “Marketing”, so how many network marketers you know actually have a marketing degree? Probably none, or if you do, are those people applying what they learned in school correctly? And even if they are great marketers, do they know how to close a sale? Because in the end you cannot call yourself a network marketer if you don’t practice the art of closing a sale and have some of what MLMers call “posture power”. Marketing a product, and doing it right, be it by networking or in a store or for a big company, plays a big part in the success of your marketing campaigns, but imagine a really big company (they have the financial resources to put up a huge marketing campaign) without sales people… the sales people are the one who their job is to successfully “close the deal”, you could have the biggest and best marketing campaign ever, it could be a great success.. but without people in your organization who practice the art of “closing” your marketing campaign will be simply that.. a marketing need to have people who are talented at closing sales! Ok, but you don’t have the budget nor the resources of a big company.. well then you have to learn how to market your products AND close the sales yourself! Let’s take a look at how to do this.

I have to tell you that i have worked in sales for about 5-6 years, on the phone, in the public, in stores, and others, and i also worked in marketing for about a year or so.. so i want to share my experiences with you, and try to help you develop your organization.So now you have your marketing campaign running… of course you call your friends, family and relatives to let them know about your product, you meet new people everyday (maybe 2 or 3 people, you give them business cards and take note of their phone numbers).. that’s great.. you also have your online ads running, like adwords, blogs, forums postings, seo campaigns, ebay, froogle and others.. awesome! Now you get more leads than ever! People call you, send you e-mails and stuff.. you want to make sure now that you know how to close a sale, I’m going to give you some examples of things that might work, but you have to understand the 4 “personality types”! Because if you have no clue what type of person you’re talking to, you might end up not closing the deal, so you want luck to be on your side! Well..there’s no such thing as luck… i believe in hard work and coincidences, but you get the idea!

So here we go!


The solid type of personality doesn’t like conflicts, arguments or fights, they would like everything to be in perfect harmony. Solids won’t really cry for attention like the expressive type! They don’t demand much attention, but they are certainly worth paying attention to, because they usually have a really good sense of humor, optimism, and a really interesting way of thinking. They are usually healthy and relaxed people. They like solitude and calm, but they will join in for a good laugh. They are, i would say, the most “balanced” type of personality. They can blend really well in most situation or group, they are easygoing and also sensitive and in touch with their emotions. Their weakness would probably be their lack of enthusiasm, since they are relaxed and calm people, you will rarely see them jump up and down. When trying to close a sale, you may have a hard time figuring out if they are interested or not, so keep in mind that the solids are usually stubborn, and don’t like to change. So when you talk to them about your products/offer you absolutely have to ask them what they think (in a very subtle way), or else they won’t tell you, and you may find it hard to investigate further. So you have to ask them the right questions at the right time and you will do fine, or else they will give you information bit by bit and it can take long, very long, so by asking the right questions you will gather infos more quickly. Try to get some useful information, then propose something right away, and then narrow down your search.


Everyone notices the expressive person… try to think of a party, anniversary or gala. They are the ones who will light up the room! They are energetic and enjoy talking. They are usually fun to be around because they are dynamic and love to have fun. They are pretty easy to identify, they make the “grand entrance”, they love to be in the spotlight, the center of attention. They are optimistic and cheerful people. When trying to close a sale with the expressive type, make sure you use words and sentences like: trust me, amazing, beautiful, awesome, useful, fun! Don’t give them too much infos, you’ll loose them.. They will buy something in a heartbeat, impulsively.. so what you want to make sure is they keep buying your product month after month (passive revenues for you!), you have to be very careful not to stress them to close the sale, simply talk with them about how great your product is (don’t be over-enthousiastic tho), do it in a very “laid-back” way, don’t talk too fast, don’t rush them, but you have to come up with something that will make them go “wow”. Listen carefully to what they have to say, answer their questions, and make sure you understand exactly what they are saying! Only then you will be able to find that little thing that will make them go “wow.. I’m buying this”!


Confident, authoritative, and result-oriented! The dominant will usually cut down more work than any other type in much less time, not that they are work-a-holics, but multi-tasking come naturally to them: talking bussiness on the phone, typing a report, checking their e-mails.. all at the same time… we all do this sometimes, but the dominants do this all the time! You could say they are “driven”, and they are willing to work long and hard to go where they want to go, and they will succeed! They empower others, and are always looking for new challenges. Their social life is, of course, not the same as the expressive type.. they like to converse, but it absolutely has to be interesting, intelligent and you have to be confident about what you are saying to a dominant, because they tend to be a little “bossy” and take control. To make a sale with someone who is dominant you have to be very careful not to be too expressive! They are results-oriented, remember? so talk to them about the results they will get if they use/take your products, they want to know what it will do, how and when! They are very strict, so you have to be very precise when answering their questions…if you don’t know the answer, just tell them you don’t know (don’t make something up.. they will notice!!), but you can ask someone else (upline, coach..etc) and you will get back to them with the answer. They will like you to take the time to consult someone else to give them the right information.


“A place for everything and everything in it’s place” would describe the analytical type best. The analytical is usually someone who is intellectual looking, quiet and reserved. Someone who analyzes things, conversations, and situation without really thinking about it, or doing it on purpose, it just comes naturally to them. They are usually more interested in the spiritual side of things; spiritual values, wisdom and integrity, than the other types. The analytical type is really disciplined and loyal, and is not much of a talker. They are perfectionist and sometimes introverted. Trying to close a sale with the analytical can be difficult, they need time to think and evaluate your offer, so simply give them the information, give them time to think about it, then call them back or re-contact them, and ask them if they read or watched what you gave them, and ask them what they think, if they have objections and questions, you have to be very professional, answer their questions, and tell them you value their opinion, if your offer seems good to them, they will join, if not, they surely have more questions, so do what you can to answer all their questions, but never ever ask them to join or buy your product right away, that won’t work!

Ok, so now you know some about the basic types of personality. Of course marketing and sales are not just about knowing these! You also need good products, good marketing campaigns (try writing 4 different ads, one for each personality type) and also a solid team to help you as you build your organization (upline, coaches, mentors).

Happy marketing and sales!

Jonathan-C. Phillips

What are some tips to sale things on EBAY?

May 13th, 2012 1 comment

I just recently put my 1st 3 iteams on. I am mainly saleing clothes. What are some thing i should do or not do to help things sale? thank you.

I’ve been selling clothing on eBay for 6 years. These tips will help you:

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