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free business plans for a dating site- where can i get one?

February 19th, 2013 1 comment

Hi Crystal,

If you are going to be successful will have to do your own unique BP. Say that you were to acquire a copy of the BP and decided to cut and paste to fit your idea. Even with all the cutting and pasting you would end up with a tiny and that is NOT what you want. You want what you are offering to be unique in a positive way like address a demographic that no one has thought of. For instance a service for 18-wheelers. Unfortunately, this would appear to be a scam for an "escort service".

The popularity of on-line dating is DECLINING BIG TIME because of all the abuses. I actually had an on-line date with a woman that posted a picture of her younger sister and you have heard the horror stories about the "perves",

So unless your really have a unique idea I think that you are wasting your time no matter how you "spin" it with a BP.

Unless you have a couple million for search placement and advertising no one will be able to find you and that is a BIG thing think for potential investors.

Here is a little true experience for you to consider.

I put up an on-line catalog in the BEGINNING when amazon and ebay were just starting. I had also written many new product proposals and a few BPs.

I had several interested investors but they wanted so sell at a loss to generate hits and volume and sell advertising etc.

My plan was to sell at a PROFIT with none of the other foolishness that buried and the rest of them that tanked. I also refused to sell my soul to the IB sharks.

The business worked for two years with a few people working until 3-4AM because we all had a regular job during the day.

If you want to get a taste of an internet business for a little money, try selling selling some stuff on Ebay.

The BLUNT truth is that NOBODY is going to give you a few million for on-line dating no matter how you spin the BP.

I also have no idea what level of experience you have with OLDing, but if you do not have an EXCELLENT Executive team with a TON of experience with OLDing it just is NOT going to happen.

If this is a school assignment you will learn NOTHING in the process and defeat the purpose of the class.

Just as a side note, I did sales and marketing consulting, got $200 and hour and called my own hours.

Good Luck,

Need help Selling Stuff on short notice?

July 7th, 2012 2 comments

We are moving out of state in one week, and our house is basically just as full as it was 2 months ago. We have tried to have a "moving sale" (one person showed up after 2 days of selling), advertised my butt off on, the local paper,ebay, and priced everything uber cheap to sell… but nothing. We have had alot of calls, but of course we wait around and no one ever shows up.

I was thinking of driving to my mothers home 20 miles away tomorrow (Sunday) to try and sell, but I am not prepared, I would have to wake up at 4am to set up, and have heard that Sundays are pretty slow selling days.

At this point I am feeling pretty lost, my condo doesn’t allow moving sales, so I can’t even put up signs, and I don’t know anyone in the area with a yard to do a garage sale there.

Any help on how to sell my stuff would be appreciated!

If all else fails you could gather up all you can’t sell but don’t want and bag it up and donate to the Salvation Army or places that take donations. Get a receipt for it and you can claim that amount on your taxes. You would be surprised how much it adds up and I know a family member that does this each year so basically you still get your money.