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The advantages of easily selling information products on eBay

Everyday more and more people are making a living out of selling
information products on eBay. They set up an automated
information products business, because it does not require much
time nor money and it can bring great returns.

What is an information product? As its name indicates, is a
product full of information, which is normally sold as an ebook.
This information can be about anything (although you obviously
want to sell an ebook in which people will be interested), from
how to sell your used car to magic tricks; the scope is inmense.

Browse on eBay by searching for “ebook” and ticking “search in
both item title and description”. You will see what is being
sold at the moment: ebooks about UFO phenomena, how to get
traffic to your website, how to read music, body-building, even
the Bible.

You can choose to do a bit of research on a topic that people
would be interested in and put together an ebook, or you can
sell public domain information, like the Grimm brothers fairy
tales, Kafka’s works, or Poe’s poems.

Why information products? What is the added value on selling
information products? It has many advantages both for you and
for your customers. It avoids the three “S”: stocking, selling,
and shipping. You do not need to spend anything on production
nor in shipping costs. Pretty much all you need is a computer
and conexion to the Internet. You do not need to do much
selling, other than writing your listing: you put it on eBay and
the customers buy it without you having to say anything. It is
advisable to keep account of the information products you sell.

Why automated? Setting up an autoresponder system allows you to
have the sale completed without you having to “be” there. Once
the payment received confirmation email comes into your email
address, with the autoresponder system the customer immediatley
gets their email with the downloadable ebook.

This is obviously very convenient for the customer and for you.
They obtain instant gratification, it works like in a shop: they
pay, and they get what they want immediately. You can be
spending your time in any other thing in that time, as you know
that they will get their product thanks to the autoresponder. In
the listing, tell the customers to send you an email if they
have problems downloading the ebook. The only thing that you
need to do after the sale is check your email for possible
enquiries. Not much of your time.

Creating (or finding) and selling information products is a very
good investment. And I say investment because you spend your
time and effort once putting down all that information you have
researched, or the public domain content you have found. Then
you do not need to do any other thing than listing the item over
and over again, being that part of your catalogue of items to

The little amount of time and money required is making many
eBayers set up eBay shops and gain an income out if. It can be
developed part-time, at your convenience, it does not depend on
timetables and you are the boss. Why not start selling
information products on eBay today?

Marius Van Dyk

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