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Killer Pricing Strategies for Selling Your eBook on eBay

eBooks have proved to be a hugely popular product on the eBay market place in recent years. But with popularity comes extra competition and it’s now just that little bit harder to secure that eBook sale. Setting the most profitable price is a hugely important step. Set it too high and you make absolutely zero sales and therefore no money whatsoever, but set it too low and you make very little profit.

Right, let’s get down to…

You’ve selected a topic that you think would be a great seller, you’ve written the content that you believe will provide great value to your customers, and now you need to select a price to ensure the greatest profits.

The first and most important step is deciding what the objective of the eBook is and how it would benefit you to its fullest potential. Would you like to own soul rights to the eBook and profit from higher up front payments, or would you like to grant resale rights and make less profit per sale, but have the potential to make affiliate commissions and sales of higher priced products.

Firstly, is your eBook content going to provide real value for your customers?

If the content is new and will truly benefit your readers, then it would probably be best to sell the eBook for a higher price and not to grant resale rights. That way your product maintains its value and you will have zero competition.

Secondly, is their potential to include affiliate links with high commissions inside the eBook?

If in the eBook you recommend a few services or other products that you can become an affiliate of, then perhaps resale rights are the ideal option for you and you can charge a lower price to get your product in the hands of as many customers as possible and generate as many affiliate commissions as possible.

Once you have chosen the objective of your eBook, you can then set a price.

If the eBook tells the customer how to make $100 per month, then you can’t command a price as high as if you were selling an eBook that told the customer how to make a million pounds in just 34 seconds.

The number one rule that you should consider when selling your eBook with resale rights is not to sell it for 1c or 99c from the beginning. This instantly kills the market place as no other sellers will be able to sell it for any profit. If you start selling it for $10, then the next seller can sell it for $9 etc.
If selling your own eBook, I recommend you charge a price of $5-$30. With a good sales copy, you could sell many copies each day and earn a comfortable income from eBay eBook selling.

James Penn

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