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Basic Step to Success on Ebay Selling – Marketing Research

Market research – Yes that right! This is the first step, you need to research your market may be I would call “spy” before start selling. You should know what average price on the market, how popular for the product, how many competition seller are there. You may need some tools if you have a lot of product and have a huge selling per month. But you can use basic tool on eBay like watcher in my eBay panel and Advance search, it’s enough! One more tools is your feeling.

Find keywords and related

Ok now start Basic marketing research go to eBay click on advance search on the top right. I make an example I would like to sell an Xbox ok now I enter Xbox and click on search. Then see the results you will see relate keywords make note of that. It very important keywords is most of how to your customers found your products. Example for Xbox relates keywords is Xbox console, Xbox system, Xbox Game, Xbox 360 system etc. Remember keywords are the mostly important for online auction selling.

Find categories

Second chance how do they find your production is categories on your listing if you would like to sell Xbox but you list your product in shirts categories nobody would buy it at all. You have to choose your product to match with your categories before list your items, it the one of the best way to aim at the buyer target. To find categories form the first step on search result page you will see the suggest category by automatically. Then use one of category that you think it mostly match with your products. For Example if want to sell Xbox system I will sell at Video Games> Systems. If I want to sell Xbox wireless controller I will sell at Video Games> Accessories categories.

Find competitor

Select about 2-5 seller for spy and learn from they strategies Do not directly copy you will not make any deal if you follow they strategies because many of reason like feedback may be that you do it will help them to make more selling because customers has same product to compare. You should make you own way but learn from them use strong side and improve weakness side. Ok what you should really do find production to same to you or similar from two group of seller first from power seller and one seller that have a lot of bidder then watch of they listing product. From power seller you would watch time of listing, listing period like 3 days 7 days that upon product, listing frequency, start price, average ending price, picture etc. From many of bidder seller you would suggest how could do they bring many bidder to they auctions mostly is from cutting price but not all, some make free shipping etc. Use that strategies with power seller strategies and mix it together. If you can’t not find any relate seller that similar with your product you may lucky if you are the first man of the market and customers want you product it will be the incredible fortune.


After you find 3 things for now you would got a lot of information. And now start calculation how much for buy and sell price. Don’t for get eBay listing Fee and Final Fee. Shipping price, payment methods and transaction fee. I highly recommended to using Paypal for major accept payment you would accept cashier’s check and money order for some of buyer. You may say transaction Fee and auctions listing Fee is a bit of money Yes, you right but imagine if you have a lot of sell it will not a bit of money at all all of any fee is important calculate it carefully.

Goal and Analytic

Plan your Goal before you start selling. How many products you will sell per weeks or month how much for profit per each, per month analyze from information that you got before. Then start selling be follow your plan and enjoy.

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