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What would I need to start a "car part sales business" ?

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Hello everyone I live in Ontario Canada and I wanted to get something started with my life and I was thinking about starting a business selling car parts. I was thinking about getting them from japan for a cheap price and selling them here for a low price, this is all completely new to me and I just got the idea from my father and was wondering if I would need to have existing contacts in japan or if u can gain them through the internet or from another source.

Another question would be about the financial aspect of this. I have bad credit right now and close to bankrupct so it would not be possible for me to get a bank loan, what other options do I have? Also how much would i need aproximatly to start a new business like this one. Not a huge shop just small enough to run something.
If anyone can help me out with tips, info, web sites, or anything else would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

here’s a link to them on ebay business.

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