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How to Turn Ebay ® Browsers Into Buyers: a Call to Action

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During my time as an eBay ® consultant , people have asked me many questions. Often, people ask questions that are contrary to the success of their business, and it’s my job to redirect their thoughts in a more appropriate direction.

Consider the following question: “I have all of my items listed and I’m not getting as many bids as I’d expected, should I lower my pricing?”

I cringe when I hear this question, yet I understand why people ask it. It’s logical that, if something isn’t selling, it must be too expensive, right? Wrong!

There are several answers to this question, none of which are to lower the price. Today, I’m going to address a key factor that anyone can implement to increase their sales––a call to action in their item description.

What is a call to action?

A call to action is a very simple word or phrase that tells your “browser” what they should do next. This may seem obvious, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an eBay seller is to sit back and “hope” that your browser will become a buyer.

It is important to put aside your need to be subtle in your ads. Instead, come right out and tell your potential customer what they should do next. You can use words or phrases such as the following:

*Bid Now and Save Money

*Bid Now, Don’t Miss Out on This Incredible Deal

*Buy Now, Before the Price Gets Too High

*Bid Now, Quantities Are Limited and Moving Fast

*This Is a Hard-to-Find Item, Bid While It’s Still Here

You get the idea. Your product may have a special element, which will make this part easy. But, even if your product isn’t unique, you can still come up with an effective call to action.

Increase your sales immediately.

Using a call to action is not something new and it is more than just an idea. This method of selling has been repeatedly tested over time. Experts report that you will increase your sales by 80% simply by telling your browsers what to do next.

Bonus Tip.

Remember, you also have the option of giving potential customers more than one call to action. For example, assume that you have an eBay ® business selling collectible trains and you get a visitor who is looking for one particular item. This browser comes to one of your listings and sees that it isn’t the one they’re seeking. Because your “buy now” call to action might not work here, you’ve lost this person as a customer, right? Wrong again.

You have two things you can do at this point. The first is pretty well known and practiced, which is to direct the potential customer to a complete list of related items. Provide a call to action, such as, “If this item isn’t what you’re looking for, please click here (link to your entire list of auctions on eBay ® ) to see all of my train-related listings.”

The second, and my favorite, is to invite potential customers to sign up for free information. Provide a call to action, such as, Click Here

to visit my About Me page and discover how to receive free, weekly tips about buying collectible trains on eBay without getting scammed.” Collecting names of those who are in the market for your type of product is absolutely priceless.

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