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eBay business strategy – tips for selling on eBay

In this video you will learn how to make more money on eBay by tracking profitable products and sellers in your niche.
Using Terapeak you could easily find profitable products to sell and research most successful sellers in any niche or category; if you need more information on how to do that please check out video below.
eBay marketplace is ever-changing ecosystem new products come and go, supply and demand fluctuate throughout the year, in order to have profitable and successful business you need to spot those changes early and position your sales strategy so you can profit no matter what’s going on in the marketplace.
Terapeak has a useful tool “Value Track” which allows you to see quick snapshot of what’s going on in the marketplace or in particular niche and category. After you located products that you want to sell or sellers that are doing very good selling a product you want to make sure you keep an eye on them so you can see changes early and profit from them. Value track allow you to track multiple products and sellers in the same search report.
As you can see I located and saved several profitable products and successful sellers, now I can see at a glance how well they’re doing in the marketplace instead of researching each one of them separately. As you can see one of the products I saved is “Burton snowboards” and I can instantly see that their sales are on the rise — we see steady increase in average end price, number of listings and success rate compared to the last week. Also I saved several sellers that list products that I am planning to sell, after looking at value track I will pick ones that are selling successfully and research what are they doing — what products they sell, what keywords and features they use.
If you want become the best you have to learn from the best and value track helps you keep best products and sellers at your fingertips so you can react very quickly and base your decisions on solid facts.
For full textual review of Terapeak and more eBay strategies click the link in the description below.

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[youtube 2rJGY09zScA]

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