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Create a Successful Home Business on Ebay

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Many people have at least entertained the idea of starting up their own business on eBay, to allow them the freedom of working from home on their own schedule. However, few actually make the leap into trying, and fewer still are actually successful at creating a home business on eBay that brings in a decent income. The reason for so many failures is that most people don’t bother to do their research, pay attention to their customers’ wants and needs, or even take advantage of the tools available to them to increase their chances at success. You can save yourself from making these pricey mistakes and steer clear of failure with these simple tips:

Do Your Research

Before you start picking up items on eBay, do some research to see what items are selling well at the moment. Just by checking out the current auctions on eBay, you can find the most profitable products that you can sell yourself to make money. Try viewing different categories, and then organize the listings by highest bid first, to see what items are fetching the highest price. These are the items you want to focus on selling yourself.

Focus On Customer Service

This is the most obvious way to build up a successful business, and yet, so many sellers completely ignore it. Customer service is the cornerstone of any good business. Unhappy customers means less sales, and ultimately, an unhappy seller. Go above and beyond with your customers, offering them a return policy, exceptional service, polite responses to their questions, and prompt solutions for their problems. Include extras in your packages, like a hand-written thank you note, or a small bonus item along with their auction item. Every little bit counts, and your customers will definitely take notice. These are the things that keeps customers coming back, and will encourage them to spread the word about your business.

Take Advantage Of The Extras

Sellers on eBay have a lot of tools available to them to boost their visibility and their business’s profits. Take advantage of everything eBay has to offer. Build up your about me page with information about you, your business, and your customer service policies. Use your eBay blog to talk about the products you are offering for sale. Participate in the forums and help new buyers out, and they’ll likely follow the link to your store. Anything that gets your name out there can help you gain more customers.

Taking the time to utilize the options available, provide your customers with quality customer service, and researching the items that sell before investing in anything are the three key steps to building a successful home business on eBay. With so many sellers skipping these essentials, you can really push yourself ahead of the competition if you just take the time to work out your strategies before you begin selling. Focus on these methods, and you will no doubt see wonderful results if you stick to it.

Vickie Sayce

  1. livachic2005
    February 20th, 2013 at 20:30 | #1

    How do I set up my own production company with a view to producing at home videos?
    I have a successful business teaching people basic carpentry skills, how do I go about putting my classes onto dvd to sell?

  2. dooseyboy
    February 21st, 2013 at 01:32 | #2

    there are probably 3 different stages to this…
    3: distribuition

    1: you can either hire some people to do it with professional sound and cameras, i wouldn’t really recomend this though. for the cost it would take to hire a team for a day and getting a days worth of recording edited, you could have bought your own DV (digital video) camera ( a decent one) and some fairly good editing software. i would recommend doing it yourself just because you would be doing it yourself and you know how it will being made. also it will allow you to do other things as well like youtube videos on little details and other free online marketing.

    2: making copies is probably the hard part. you would have to burn the CD, create a cover sticker for the CD, get cases, and then make a cover for the case.
    i would recommend a service like http://www.discburn.com/ . if you want to look for others just google some terms. that would be far cheaper and easier than doing it all yourself, especially if doing it bulk.
    3: this is the easy part. set up accounts on various e-commerce sites (i really hate to say it) like amazon (*cringe), ebay, and others. also you could make your own website (some have services so that you can easily make your own online store).
    i’m not sure how you’d go about putting it into stores but im sure if you went to local hardware shops they’d be happy to give you some shelf space.

    hope this helps and gives you some ideas.
    throw us a link if you end up doing any of this.
    be prepared to spend money to make money
    References :
    google the following if you want.
    video editing software
    digital video camera
    DVD duplication
    DVD burning service

  3. money
    February 21st, 2013 at 01:34 | #3

    Depending on your desired deliverable (e.g., DVDs, web videos, broadcast, etc.) and end usage, you might not be able to use certain assets, such as copyrighted photos and music. Whenever you shoot new footage, make sure you have people sign waivers and hang signs stating your intention to film them. If your sizzle reel is for internal purposes, such as sales videos for presentations, you’re probably in the clear. But putting copyrighted materials online is another story. Make sure you own all of the rights to your assets. Otherwise, you might open yourself up to cease and desist letters–or worse, lawsuits and court.
    References :

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