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Are Photos of Your Items Essential for Ebay Auction Sale?

Yes, digital images or photos of your items being posted for sale are not only essential but mandatory, in my opinion.

Have you ever bought anything without seeing the item even though you may have some idea what the item looks like?

You would like to see the condition of the item even though the digital images or photos may not give you a 100% feel of the product that you intend to buy.

It is also important that you are sincere with your photos or digital images and not use photo editing software to beautify your product; e.g. enhance the color or remove scratches on your product. Otherwise, your Buyer would not be happy at all if the color was not what was shown in the photos and there are scratches on the item received, too.

You cannot afford to have negative feedback as you will lose your creditability as you would lose future sales.

In fact, you ought to take photos of your item from different angles; e.g. front view, back vies, side view, inside too if possible. The more you show the item to the Buyer the more comfortable he or she would feel.

This would also lead to zero complaints on the item sold or almost no conflicts in the transaction.

Here ere a few tips on how to take good photos or digital images of your items products:

1. Use natural light instead of flash – try to use light coming in from the windows and minimize any shadows. But do not go out and take your photos directly under the sun.

2. Choose a non-conflicting background – find a white or dark color cloth or cardboard as the base or background so that your item or product stands out; e.g. you would not want to place your item on top of a flowery or multi-color table cloth.

3. Take many photos – since you are using a digital camera, take as many photos as you can and then select the best few for the auction.  Remember to take the photos from different angles to show off how good is your item or product.

4. Remember to re-size your photos or digital images as they do not need to be  too large for the Web else it will affect the downloading time.

Finally, you need not buy an expensive digital camera. An entry level digital camera with 3 mega-pixels is good enough. I am currently using my teenage son’s digital camera which he uses for his school project, a Canon camera.

After a few tries, you will soon be an expert on taking good photos and uploading them for your eBay auction.



  1. bodhihoang
    March 5th, 2013 at 01:00 | #1

    Should I buy a digital camera for my ebay auctions? I want a camera with usb to hook up pictueres to my comp.?
    But Digital cameras are pretty expensive.

  2. BiG A
    March 5th, 2013 at 06:02 | #2

    nah, they are very inexpensive. Kodak make pretty good inexpensive digital cameras. check circuit city, best buy, ebay, even Radio Shack…. Stay up!
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  3. Delta B
    March 5th, 2013 at 06:04 | #3

    A good digital camera is essential to eBay selling. If you don’t have one, can you borrow one until you have the money to invest in one?

    Unappealing photos can cost you sales. Here are some easy, inexpensive ways to make your photos look clean and professional, which in turn will improve your sales on eBay.

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