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What gets your eBay listing a good pagerank (part 3)

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Note that the time left in this listing is 1 hour 21 minutes. This is important in understanding some of the aspect of rating your listings in the eBay search results.Some of the secrets to ranking listings high in the eBay search results may be short lived at best as not all listing will rank high 100% of the time. Top listings the ones that have a higher sell through completion rate will turn up at the top more often than lesser rated listing; and, this is not 100% time effective guarantee. There are listings that qualify as high sell through listings that will end up in the top of the first page as the listing expires within the last few hours. The better the sell through rate the longer the duration those listings are placed at the top during the final hours. Then there are listings that do not qualify as high sell through and will never make the final cut to the top. More, listings that have a longer run time will be favored first as long as the sell through rate is high and this is a comparison made respectively of the two ideas, run time and sell through. In this video I will show you one listing that is fairly new but has been gaining in the sell through rate which is coming to completion and another that has a very long running time and a better than average sell through rate but will never complete as it is run on a “Good till Canceled” You can read the eBay help pages to find this information; but, there seems to be a lot of details missing that could tell you exactly how the listings should be created and listed. Here in this video I show you examples that you will never read in the eBay help pages. So, what are the other criteria? Does having a badge help you get to the top of the page. Truth is a track record of selling successfully a product and selling it for a length of time is the most important aspect of getting place high into the eBay search result. This is a three part video series of the facts stated. The video are here to prove this for you. Also, much more information is inside the videos about how to sell on eBay and how to increase you sells by getting your listings placed high in the eBay search results pages. So, you will want to make sure to watch. I have made the videos into a series to reduce the time over all. This way you can view at your pleasure. I suggest that you subscribe; so that, you can return easily and finish the lessons. Also, when you subscribe I will be able to get to you more informative videos as I make them. Don’t hesitate to ask a question. You can contact me through youTube any time. I will be glad to help you out. You can also post a comment below; and, I will be sure to reply. These are must see video for all seller of eBay and across the internet so enjoy.

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  1. TheJustinp3
    November 1st, 2012 at 10:19 | #1

    I’ve been with ebay …
    I’ve been with ebay for quite sometime and I always wonder why my ads are not on top of the list even if the listing is expiring. This is an eye-opener.

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