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eBay issues shipping label unclear

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In this video I show that there are problems you will encounter as a seller on eBay. This example is a buyer with no real address to ship the product to. I have called eBay and ask that they remove it; and, I have told them that I would rather not deal with trying to figure it out as it is not worth my time for the cost. I have also asked eBay to stop these problems at their servers and do not send any buyers to me unless all their credentials are verified. eBay expects me to follow their guide-lines and file a non-paying bidder alert against this person. This response is typical out of eBay as if all answers and causes are user created. “I say set the server up to catch these problems and return it to the user in question when the information is parsed at eBay”. eBay employees act as if punishing the people is the answer to the whole problem and that few command lines on the server to redirect these problem account back to the user is not going to help. This would be a long term lasting solution to this problem. The people at eBay are hard headed and refuse to budge. These type of problems will persist until eBay decide to control the bug that are built in its system. The reason this continues is that eBay feels that it will force a sell whereas if returned to the user before the purchase is complete then the revenue would be lost, possibly for good. At this point I am forced to deal with this matter and file a dead-beat bidder against this person. In the mean time eBay leaves the opportunity with this buyer to file a rating on my sellers profile.
Then eBay also holds my money as extortion to again force me to comply with their policy to try to contact this buyer and work this out. I would rather not as the profit is already lost and so is my time. eBay tells us sellers that we have to or we do not get our final value fee returned. I want everyone of you to look at the sales report. There was no money turned over to me to begin with.
The screen capture was made with Camtasia by TechSmith. This is a powerful screen capture tool and easy to use easy to figure out without having to read through tons on manuals. I encourage all you to get a screen capture tool like this one or Snagit also by TechSmith. Then I want you to post your eBay issues right along side mine.
One more thing, the videos in this series sometimes have content that is covered in other videos. Check here at the bottom and I can help you avoid wasting time by pointing out what video contain similar content. I am producing videos like in this manner; so that, the basic topic can be covered quickly in a short video. This way you can choose to watch the short video and get a basic idea of the topic. The other videos with the same topic covered you will find are longer in length; these video are more involved and cover the topic with more detail. I will suggest to you here which videos are related; and, I will suggest the one that is choice. For this mini series, eBay shipping issues, the choice video is:
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Be sure to subscribe; so that, as I post more videos you will see the new content and see interesting topics here. I have releases on computer topics that are very interesting coming up. Topics, on the internet in 1969. Yes, I say there was a functioning internet in 1969. Also, I am going to show you PayPal scammers and how to recognise a spearFish with an actual attempt that was tried on me. One topic I will cover is how to speed up your internet searches by avoiding opening results that will waste your time. So, again, subscribe and check it out.

Duration : 0:3:12

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  1. treasurector
    September 3rd, 2012 at 13:14 | #1

    There is missing …
    There is missing info and logically expected links, diversions ans clutter on nearly every ebay page. Ebay is high risk in many categories, make sure you are willing to deal with your demographic buyer risk-type. Ebay expects much seller sacrifice for their “service”. Ebay´╗┐ has opened the door wide to let an untested and rowdy crowd into your house.

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