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Guitar gear for sale.AVI

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Jeff’s magical world of guitar gear for sale on ebay plus free tickets to see “The Brawl to Settle it All” for all Buy it Now’rs. Now I know Peter is undefeated, but I’ve heard through my bookie that the Chicken has been working out, and you know Peter hasn’t, so it should prove to be a titanic battle the likes the world has never seen. Now judging by the collateral damage from their previous fights I cant guarantee you’ll come out alive, but if you do just think of all the free drinks you’ll get for your stories down at the pub plus you’ll have something to tell your grand kids. The latter not as important as the free drinks Im sure, but dude man what more can you ask for….so come buy my gear, cause Im out of work and quickly going broke!!!

BTW I will be doing separate demos of each guitar of which will be posted when the auction begins. Also I will be posting “how to for guitar” lessons the first being Elvis Costello’s new song “Slow Drag with Josephine”

Duration : 0:5:29

[youtube 2ZAGOgpdfZY]

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