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Fostex Model 20 Reel To Reel Recorder/Reproducer (SOLD)

Here’s another of the R2R units I have and will be letting go soon. I think most anyone that knows about recording equipment knows who Fostex is and the quality they bring into recording, this one is no different, it’s a fantastic deck. I really never used this to much as I did most of my mixdowns on to one of my quad decks, the result is this still looks almost new and plays/records excellent. If a person is wondering about this Model then you can see some of it’s basic functions here but it does a lot more then the video shows. The audio is not that great as it’s just from my camcorder mic, like other videos, I did clean it up a bit. I did some editing on the video as it was over 500meg so I needed to get that size and length down.

Duration : 0:11:18

[youtube cEKnymrDLdo]

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