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Ebay Stealth: Calling For John Donahoe’s Resignation

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I am formally calling for the resignation of John Donahoe for screwing up ebay and for putting small sellers out of business. Ebay has now crossed the line with online movie promotion. Stop buying on Ebay and call for John Donahoe to step down asap!

I certify that I am the legal producer and owner of this video and it’s content. The views expressed within this video come from my experiences and are of my opinion only. I am operating in full compliance of all polices of youtube. For information please contact me at http://www.ebayblows.org.

Duration : 0:7:3

[youtube T7wng5-nTIc]

  1. georgieboy762
    July 16th, 2012 at 01:12 | #1

    What they are doing …
    What they are doing and it’s NEVER gonna happen is get away from the “Garage Sale” image.That’s what built Ebay so big and that’s what made it so special & wonderful. I look at Donahoes picture and I literally get sick to my stomach!

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