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Copy this ebay seller and make over $10,000 a month dropshipping on ebay ( live proof)

make sure that you use the special link below so that don’t get in trouble with ebay
with negative feedback, customers will be pretty upset if they get an item in the mail.
that arrived in an amazon logo box, and realized that you paid less for it, and made money off the difference. if you use this link you will be safe, and all your orders will arrive in a plain brown box with no receipt.
Link below:


more information on this tutorial below

In this tutorial i will show you how to make over $10,000 dollars a month on ebay live as happening, no scams, no watered down information, do exactly whats done in this video and you will make bank on the internet every day.
In order to dropship from amazon, you must use a special link, or your ebay customers are going to be very mad and leave you negative feedback, you want to make sure that the package that you purchase from amazon arrives in a regular plain brown box, without the amazon logo, and i have the link set up right here below, you can thank me later by subscribing http://brownboxcode.weebly.com

If you don’t know what dropshipping is, i can tell you, all your basically doing is selling items on ebay for way more than other sites like amazon.com.
another words, if an item is selling on ebay for $100.00 and the same item is selling on amazon for about $50.00, all you would have to do is copy everything from the amazon listing, and paste everything into your ebay listings, the picture everything. but you must make sure to keep anything amazon related out like amazon reviews, but only put the amazon decription and picture on ebay and once the item sells on ebay, you turn around and click this link here http://brownboxcode.weebly.com and then click on the box to be redirected back to amazon and pay for the same items that you just sold on ebay, for alot less , and you profit the difference.
Can you imagine if you would do hundreds if not thousands of amazon products on ebay and profit the difference on every transaction.
you would make so much money that it would completely change your life for ever.
again everytime an order from amazon comes in on ebay, you would go to http://brownboxcode.weebly.com and click on the box, that would redirect you back to amazon, and buy that item for much less than what its going for on ebay, and you profit the difference.

Duration : 0:8:26

[youtube ifliwKDNiA8]

  1. EbayScamMan
    August 5th, 2012 at 17:42 | #1

    I’m the scammer …
    I’m the scammer Chuck Fitch. Many places on the internet give info regarding all of my scams & scam attempts. I lie so much, nobody thinks I am capable of telling the truth. I’ve been banned 12+ times on eBay, 12+ times on KLOV, half a dozen times on CoinOpSpace Almost two dozen times on the GFY forums. I get banned everywhere I go. I always create a new alias but I keep getting banned. Learn more about me and my scam ways on Google Chuck Fitch Scam or Chuck Fitch Arcade or Chuck Fitch Michigan

  2. robert boyles
    August 5th, 2012 at 17:42 | #2

    every month, its …
    every month, its very cleaver, depending on your selling limit on ebay, i would add as many products as posslble, popular items will always sell faster, and you will get more sales with those products, but even the items you might get one or two sales per month can seriously add up rapidly if you have hundreds of other items that get crappy sales monthly, would add hundreds more sales to your popular amazon product line dropshipping 🙂

  3. robert boyles
    August 5th, 2012 at 17:42 | #3

    Yes it is amazing, …
    Yes it is amazing, i can give you a great tip, do not count out the small stuff, another words if u find a seller on ebay that is using amazon as a dropshipper, just go through all there listings, regardless if they are selling or not, and then try to sell as many as you can or all, because even the items that doesn’t sell well, can add into our income stream, example if you get one sale from one item a month, multiply that by hundred oher items, that get terrible sales, and that 100 extra there

  4. robert boyles
    August 5th, 2012 at 17:42 | #4

    The reason there …
    The reason there isn’t many comments, i deleted tons due to spam

  5. bschomp
    August 5th, 2012 at 17:42 | #5

    Wow this is genius! …
    Wow this is genius!! I have been looking for some good dropshipper companies and who would have known that the best one would be another huge company. way to go man!

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