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10 Scam-Free Ways To REALLY Make Money Online From Home

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Sell your stuff. I buy stuff for cheap off Craigslist and sell on eBay. You can find some good stuff to flip at flea markets too. Just recently, I bought a camera for $5 and sold in a week on eBay for $55.

You can also buy products in bulk and sell one by one. This is if you want to turn this into a legitimate business.

http://ibourl.com/10lb is a affordable ebook that explains how to save and make money on eBay.

Outsource your skills 

Easiest way ever to make money online. You can make money a number of ways. Post videos doing reviews of products of services. Talk about things you are passionate about. Phones, cars, computers… Etc. find a product that pays a commission for referring people and add the link under your youtube video. As you get more views, you’ll make sales. More videos you do the more money you make. 

You can also make money with Google Adsense. 

Google Adsense 
Google Adsense is known as Ppc or Pay Per Click. Google pays you every time someone clicks on an ad tied to your account.

Start a blog and write about what interests you. Share on Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites to build a following. Find people who have the same interests and get them back to your blog. 

Build a following first and make money later. 

Article marketing
Write unique articles and post to these sites for SEO juice and some allow affiliate links for you to make some money. Read their Terms of service before posting. These articles rank high in search engines.
http:// ezinearticles.com
http:// hubpages.com
http:// technorati.com
http:// articlesbase.com
http:// goarticles.com

MLM/network marketing 
MLM takes more work but pays off in the end. You become a better person because you have to open yourself up to helping people in order to become successful and you have to build strong teams or downlines. 

I’m only in one MLM company. It’s a roadside assistance program called MCA that has a very large number of benefits.

Profit potential is almost infinite and a very fun business to be in.

CPA marketing
Cost per action is where you get paid when traffic that you refer performs a specific action depending on the offer you send traffic to. Some only ask for an email address while others want more information. 

Most offers pay out about $1 to $2 per lead but there are offers that pay up in the hundreds but require a big more from the visitor. 


Create your own product 
Do you know how to do something that people would gladly pay for? Create a product and sell online. It would be so much easier to sell it via your blog after you build a following. 

People will buy from you when they trust you 

Write an book sell on amazon/iBooks 
This Is easier than many may think. The hardest part is actually sitting down and writing the book. I listed my book Kooning amazon in about an hour. You can also sell books through Apple’s iBook store. 

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    good information, thanks! I’m looking for other ways to monetize my niche

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    Great video. niche marketing and SEO in general are still effective, it’s all about keeping up with the algo tweaks and moving forward.

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