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Merchant Quick Start II

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Merchant Quick Start (Step-by-Step Instructions)

. Apply business account.
To apply for a business account, go to profile, enter and verify your PayPal email.
Then, at profile, contact, enter at least 1 location and contact number.
Back at profile, click “Apply Business Account”.

. Store details.
At profile, store, plan a Discount Scheme. Enter Return Policy, Customer Exclusion, and other details for your listing’s default.

Reload the page and you’ll see “Add New Item” on your profile panel.

. list point determines the number of listings a Merchant can post. read about list point in guide.


. click “add new item”.
. enter the details accordingly.

. Sale Type. There are 5 different sale types.

Nett : fixed priced items. Requires immediate payment. Can use add to cart feature.
Auction : best offers are disclosed to public. members are obligated to complete sale if offer accepted. merchant is obligated to accept best offer. Auction sale cannot use register sale feature.
Negotiable : offers are not disclosed to public. members are obligated to complete sale if offer accepted. merchant must state a deal price, and obligated to accept offer at deal price.
Guide Price : offers are not disclosed to public. members are obligated to complete sale if offer accepted. merchant must state a guide price, but is not obligated to accept offer at guide price.
Price on Ask : offers are not disclosed to public. members are obligated to complete sale if offer accepted.

. register only : Item is for register sale only. It cannot use add to cart and offer feature.

. template : You can select template from existing listings.

. Register Sale : useful for physical stores, services, private negotiations, etc.
first, enter member’s ID.
then, choose relevant items.
Enter postage details if applicable.
For offline payment, check “offline”.
Leave deal price empty for confidential price.
Register the sale according to status.

Customer will be notified by email, and need to acknowledge the sale.
Sale will be automatically declined after 1 day if left un-acknowledged.


You’ll receive email whenever there’s a new sale or offer. first, click sale.

Ordered : displays sales with order placed.

Order : “O” indicates an online sale (cart or offer), “R” indicates a registered sale.
Payment. “C” indicates customer’s action, while “M” indicates Merchant’s action. You can mark payment received manually for offline payments.
Delivery. mark item sent when it is. notice when u mouse over, customer profile appears on right panel. message tracking number to customer if applicable.
Dispute. There’re 3 types of disputes : payment not received, item not received, and item not as described.
Rate. Both parties can only rate and review after sale is completed
Share. to encouraging active rating, Customer can only enjoy share reward after rating.
Attachment. In event of dispute, please upload all relevant documents here.
Cancel. Both parties can mutually cancel sale and purchase before “complete”.
Refund. Indicates if sale is refunded.

Register : displays registered sales that’s not acknowledged yet. Click “view” for details.

Offer : displays all offers. Click on “best offer” to view all offers. for sale type negotiable, guide price, price on ask, You can accept an offer, decline an offer, or counter offer.

. Administrator : useful for stores, and all merchants that have staffs.
You can assign administrator, grant permissions, and update status of administrator.
Administrator can go to profile, network, store, to view store(s) that they have administrative access to.

Examples for more unique online trades :

Restaurant, apparel store, gift shop, salon, automobiles, Real estate, Brokerage, legal services, craftsmanship, interior design, etc. :
. set sale type as nett, negotiable, guide price, or price on ask.
. If you have staffs, sign up all staffs and assign them as administrator.
. Use register sale if more appropriate.
. Tip : You can create a listing for “service charge” or “tax”. set “price on ask”, and register only. Add and set price upon register sale.
. Sign up customers upon sale for discount, review, and reward.

. To send Feedbacks : sign in, scroll to bottom of any page, click contact.

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