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Is Our ‘economic crisis’ simply due to evolution in Technology?

Netflix’s Profits increase by 30%. I have read of how so many companies are firing employees due to a loss of revenue. However, recently I have been researching and found that many other companies are making profits and staying in business.
This ‘economic crisis’, I think, We are experiencing and being pressured into believing, is not so much a ‘crisis’ to me.
I believe that We as a People are Changing in how We are evolving.
Technology has Changed over the last 20 years dramatically. The lifestyles of how People are choosing to live, is the reason for this economic ‘Change-Over’.
Check this out, and see if what I’m saying can hold any water here.
When Internet first became available, the majority of households did not have a computer. It was ‘new’. Most new products are expensive. So, our extra curricular activites included doing things outside the home.
Going to the movies, the arcade, the local store to buy your favorite jeans, or sneakers…..
Well, now in present day, We can rent movies online, record on DVD, and each year a new video home sytem like Wii, XBox, or anything else, and your favorite pair of jeans, can come from the Internet without ever leaving the house……
People then incurred a gas price increase….. Now, who has the money to put in the car, and then pay for $20 or more in tickets for a couple, plus buy movie popcorn at almost $15.00 with a drink? Why, when there’s a more convient way to go?
Or when Amazon, EBay, or Overstock, has increased sales, while Our local stores are suffering from sales loss?
Or when We’re going "healthy’, and Subway gets profits from $5.00 subs, while other competitors are offering cheaper value meal items in order to gain back or keep thier money rolling in?
Or a ‘Go Green’ attitude, now has the automobile industry being scrutinized, and making it harder to sell?
The times are Changing. I think thats what’s causing this ‘economic crisis’. We are Changing. Technology is Changing. The Internet is booming while companies that once found their business through Person to Person product consumption, to what We have now as a Technological Revolution.
This is an opinion, but I wonder if this could actually be the truest to heart reasoning for this World Wide spread of what seems to be an economic failure?
You would think if there’s consumer buying, then there should be no reason for the loss, right?
Think of this for example:
The movie theaters realy on the People to come view a movie indoors at their location. They sell ‘treats’ at the consession stand in order to make profits. They have to pay for the leae of the movie We watch, the property rental for the buliding and the People who take the tickets to cleaning the bathrooms. If many are staying home, and the theater does not get filled, then there’s what money being made? If peopl are eating more healthy, then what’s being bought at the consession stand? If movie makers are spending more to make a movie to compatete with other movie makers, then the theaters have to raise their price of tickets when they consider all these factors. Higher costs = alternative ways for consumers to view it. They stay home and wait for it come out on DVD and then rent it from companies like Netflix. The movie theater industry would inevitably suffer and decline in sales. Which means less people working, right?
I’ve had my own experience in the work at home field, and my profits had almost doubled from last year. This is why I think this Change is just simply part of Evolution….

not even close
the economy is crashing because it was designed to fail


  1. fchyenne
    June 28th, 2012 at 05:11 | #1

    not even close
    the economy is crashing because it was designed to fail

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  2. Mikey Mike
    June 28th, 2012 at 05:42 | #2

    No this is all wrong your point is a little valid though it is the consequences of a problem that started in the late 70s under a man named Jimmy Carter. He started the affordable housing act which was then put on steroids by our boy clinton.
    After this act a bunch of people purchased adjustable rate loans on houses they cant afford when rate adjust to 7% to 8% they cant afford it and they defaulted and left with a company called fannie may and freddie mac who then billions in loans on houses and then they failed. Domino effected every other stock not having severe loses causing the need for less spending i.e. lay offs. But people with money invested in stocks also lost money. But most people are still employed and they still go to movies and most American are not fat freaks and will buy some jr. mint just not as much. This happened before in the 1930s you no what got us out of that a world war but that was inevitable but it employed millions of women and men not going to the service.
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