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AdzZoo Needs You! -Team72k

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– Capitalize on This Incredible Market Transition by Becoming an Independent AdzZoo Representative

AdzZoo is quickly becoming a leading provider of online marketing campaigns for small-to-mid-sized companies. While other advertising mediums continue to decline, the internet has continued to grow. Capitalize on this incredible market transition by becoming an Independent AdzZoo Representative. Discover how you can make money with this tremendous part time or full time business opportunity.

Filling The Next Big Need

The Internet has changed the world. Companies like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and eBay have filled a need and have become extremely successful. A segment of the market that has not been given a solution is the local business owner. AdzZoo is committed to providing small-to-mid-sized business with an affordable solution allowing them to compete with national chains and major corporations so they can re-connect with local consumers.

Our solution solves the business owner dilemma. Our Campaign Directors and Sales representatives are the vehicle for getting our product into the marketplace. Our compensation plan allows our representatives to earn a very competitive compensation, but also give them the ability to build a sales team allowing them to add several additional revenue streams to their personal production.

Team72k – The King of Local Advertising

Raw transcript: it’s bad news companies are close layoffs are being made homes are being foreclosed on people aren’t getting us our economy is that a historic low and we have record numbers of unemployed across the country he’s easy to school the good news is there’s a solution as one door closes a window of opportunity he is opening up somewhere else those who recognizes opportunity and take advantage of the new American trends we’ll have the greatest success let’s face it our world is changing and we need to change with don’t be one of the thousands of victims of the economy don’t rely on someone else’s decisions Jim neal for the right to your future you’ve got control state your own perhaps us

so what is the solution it’s the best kept secret in business it’s had over twenty eight consecutive years of growth every year nearly seven hundred thousand people get on board worldwide it was less than one percent of the population involved barely scratched the surface what is this part of the newer dream come true two words direct seven the emerging success of direct selling has been featured in suspected publications such as fortunate force USA today the Wall street journal and in this week there is no doubt that the time to get involved is now until he said the late sixties

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