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Whats the best thing to sell on Ebay to make the best profit monthly?

March 10th, 2013 11 comments

plus any tips also on selling on ebay and how to get the best profit?

your eggs, the ones you get rid of within a period, one a month, thats alot of dosh.

Tips For Selling On eBay

March 8th, 2013 6 comments

I’ve sold quite a bit on eBay and I’ll give you advice from my experience.

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What are some good or unique ideas for items to sell on eBay?

March 3rd, 2013 2 comments

What are some good or unique ideas for items to sell on eBay? I live in south Louisiana and Iā€™m possibly looking for good ideas relating to things that we have access to locally that are harder to find in other parts of the country.

Thanks for the help!

Try getting little trinkets, and stuff that are rare to find around your area! They’ll catch eyes!
like an 1950’s toy, or a CD (records) from the 50’s.
maybe antiques? but make sure they’re in good condition.
And since they’re for other countries, this will be even more interesting for them.!

or sell souviniers that people would only find there, like go visit the beach, they should have some stuff there!

Hope this helped!

Selling Sports Collectibles on Ebay

February 28th, 2013 13 comments

Selling Sports Collectibles on Ebay Learn more about creating cash on demand income using online auctions and Ebay at Buying at yard sales and selling on Ebay is one of 20 different ways we teach our members to find products. You can find sports collectibles to sell on Ebay when you know where to look.

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How do I succeed selling on ebay?

February 27th, 2013 2 comments

How do I make a profit selling on ebay? I have plenty of stuff to sell. And please don’t tell me to read those books.

To do this, you should take good, clear pictures, and learn to write nice descriptions with all the important details.

If i see two people on ebay selling the same thing, i will almost always bid higher for the item that has the best, clearest pictures and a good description that’s not full of crap or disinformation or lies or fluff.

You probably should NOT sell your best items until you get practice on selling, and get some feedback built up.

Many years ago, i tried to sell an engagement ring and i only had 2 feedbacks. People would email me and demand that i use Escrow, and some even told me that they would bid if i had higher feedback score, etc. I ended up selling it for a lot less than I should have, because i was inexperienced.

SO, sell a few books and trinkets first to get the hang of eBAy. In the mean time,learn what the value of your better items is.

The best tool is to use eBay itself. Look under the completed listings section (Advanced Search) and see what similar items actually sold for.

Don’t outright copy people’s listings, because that’s illegal. But it’s perfectly ok to learn from them.

Now, if you want to truly make profits – that is.. buy things cheap and sell them for more than you paid for them.. the key is your BUYING skills. Buying and sourcing really has nothing to do with eBay. Ebay just gives you the platform from which to sell your stuff. The buying part is up to you. After you sell all your stuff from your home, the next step is to learn how to source products. And make sure you only sell things you’re knowledgeable about.
Sourcing ideas are garage sales, auctions, even retail stores if the item is marked down significantly. Selling things to foreigners is a good way to increase profits. There is more risk in shipping stuff to ENgland or Sweden or Germany, but these Europeans like American stuff and sometimes pay a lot for it. But sell things Domestically first, to get the hang of it. Then move worldwide.

Also, sometimes you can use eBay to buy stuff to resell on eBay. But usually you can’t do this profitably until you have lots of experience, and you are buying from someone who is not experienced.

Finally, you should learn what eBay’s fees are. They definitely eat into your profits, and are approximately 9 to 15% all together, including PayPal fees.
So, if you sell something for 50 dollars, eBay and PayPal will probably take up to 7 dollars right off the top šŸ™
So, if you paid 43 dollars for that item and sold it for 50, you didn’t make ANY profit. Ebay took it all šŸ™

Finally (again) – eventually you will need to get your business and tax paperwork filed. If you sell one or two things a year, no one will care. But if you sell hundreds of items a year, you will be owing taxes. And of course that eats into profits too, for Uncle Sam and your State.

how do i start selling on eBay ?

February 23rd, 2013 6 comments

I would like to know how to start selling on eBay and if I need to pay any fees how do I get started can some one help me please? Thank you.

Boy, did you ask the right person! I sell on ebay all the time! First you set up an account. You have to give them either a secured email or a credit card to set it up for identification purposes. (they do not charge your card) Once you set up an ebay account you will have to set up a paypal account at in order to accept paypal payments. Paypal payments are preferred by most ebayers since they can pay instantly and so there for get their item faster. Once you have a paypal account going and your ebay account set up all you do is click on sell an item at ebay. You can sell items without a paypal account but they will not go for as much and it will take time for the money to get to you by mail which is a drag. Also keep in mind that it does not cost anything to set up a paypal account either. Another note…when auctioning off items it is best to have them end at around 6.00 or 7.00 at night…they go for more during these hours. If you like my answer please vote for it. thanks

What would be better for my Senior Project: Selling on Ebay or learning Guitar?

February 21st, 2013 3 comments

I have to have my topic picked by tomorrow, and I am not sure which one of these to pursue. I am very interested in both of them, but I can only pick one. I already play the piano, but I think learning to play the guitar would be cool too. On the other hand, selling on Ebay has been interesting, and I would like to incorporate that for my project, as it relates to business. Thanks for any and all answers!

I would go for the guitar. It’s a skill you can retain your entire life. And you can have fun with it. My niece learned to play and was invited to parties all of the time.

Thrift Store Finds To Sell on eBay and Amazon Make Money | Dancing with Grannies

February 21st, 2013 24 comments

These are my Thrift Store finds to sell on eBay and Amazon. Most of the stuff is new. I like selling new items because the customer can’t complain about condition unless its a collectible and has shelf wear. They can only really make product reviews which you can get those negative feedbacks removed.

I found a lot of cds, cassette tapes, and dvds. I like those because they are lightweight. I found a nice shot glass that features a guy with a mustache and monocle. Horace Deceased is what is on the glass. I also found a board game and puzzle.

You can make money reselling thrift store items on ebay. I have made some videos that show specific thrift store finds to make money.

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How can I know a wristwatch sold in eBay is authentic and not a clone ?

February 19th, 2013 1 comment

I am interested in a Tonino Lamborghini wristwatch sold in eBay but the retail price is, they say(many sellers not just one) 2500 to 2900 dollars and they sell them in 200-300 dollars, why so cheap, or so great difference, how can I know if they are clones or authentic. I know eBay is cheaper than a store, but so big difference make me doubt, thanks for your advice.

It is definitely against the rules to lie on Ebay as a seller (I am one). In my experience buying also I haven’t had anyone lie to me in over 150 purchases. I would first message the seller asking if it was authentic, and if he says it is just look over the whole listing again just to make sure. If he/she says it’s authentic it probably is. Watch out for words like this is an authentic Torino Lamborghini or something like that which could be talking about a different product that looks the same with a similar name that really is a clone. I hope this helps you!

How to use paypal when selling on Ebay?

February 17th, 2013 2 comments

Trying to learn how to start selling on Ebay – I have a paypal buyer account – will it work for selling? Do they charge you any fees?

Yes it works both ways. You can also use it to request money with out selling on eBay and it has a great savings rate if you want to keep your profits in one place. The fee charged depends on the total dollar amount charged including your shipping charges. You are not charged when you use the account to purchase items on eBay. If for any reason you have to refund a buyer you get the fee returned. It also has a great link for shipping with the post office and UPS. You can pay your shipping right out of your Paypal balance. Best of all you can give your packages to your local carrier instead of running to the PO all the time. Good luck.