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Whats the best thing to sell on Ebay to make the best profit monthly?

March 10th, 2013 11 comments

plus any tips also on selling on ebay and how to get the best profit?

your eggs, the ones you get rid of within a period, one a month, thats alot of dosh.

Use eBay To Send Traffic To Your Website

March 8th, 2013 5 comments

There a several ways that you can send traffic to your website from eBay. Before using any of these ways, be sure to check eBay’s policy for changes so you do not violate their policy.

One way to obtain traffic to your website through eBay is by using graphics or images hosted on your server. There are many commercial and free services you can use. You can also upload your graphics or images to eBay’s servers. However, visibility from the search engines will be greatly increased by using your own servers. The search engines can follow the links in your eBay listing to your website. Some search engines will also display messages in their status bar as to where the images are being loaded from. For example it might say “Loading Image From” or “Waiting For”. This is great exposure for your website.

When you register your account with eBay, use an email address that is associated with your website. For example, if your website is “”, you could use “” as the email address associated with your eBay account. You can list this email address in the text of your listing only if it is the same one you used to register your account. This is in addition to the “Ask The Seller A Question” link.

The user id associated with your eBay account can also be a great way to direct traffic to your website. Even though eBay policy does not allow you to use your website address as your eBay id or user name, you can use a form of the website address. If your website is “”, you could use ABCDEF as your eBay user name.

Probably, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or internet store from eBay is by using an About Me Page. While you cannot offer non-eBay listings or merchandise on the About Me page, you can add a link to your website or internet store. eBay’s policy states that you cannot have the same identical item in your auctions as you have on your website either at the same price or at a different price. You can also not link to trading sites or other auction sites, or offer merchandise or information not permitted on eBay, or a website that offers items from several sellers. What you may do is link to your own website or internet store where you have items to trade, sell or purchase. Again, used correctly, this is a great way to use eBay to drive traffic to your website or internet store.

Trying one of these methods is sure to help drive traffic to your website or internet store. Remember to following eBay’s policy. Read their policy very carefully and check on it periodically for changes. Ignorance of their policy is not an excuse eBay accepts. If you violate their policy repeatedly, you will be banned from eBay.

Loretta Miller

Here Some General Idea and Tips on Furniture Stores

March 8th, 2013 11 comments

If you are amongst those perceptive furniture shoppers, you are perhaps looking for the a few great stores that can satisfy your need fully with wide array of furniture to suit any environment and life style. While discussing about the furniture stores there are many store available but is essential to choose the right one among the many. There are top ranking brands in the industry that have earned or produced a great deal of standing and respect form around the globe.

Here some ideas about choosing the correct furniture store. Selecting a furniture stores – whether an online or a direct retailer is one of the nearly all-significant aspect that has to, be kept in the forefront of the mind. The key points that have to taken into thought while choosing a furniture store are as follows:

. It is essential to see whether the exacting store is the authorized dealer of the brand, you are looking for. If not what are the additional renowned brands, the store is dealing with.

. Make out if the store is well recognized.

. Look for the level of standing of the furniture store that you are planning to step into.

. Inquire clearly concerning their services and the charges thereby.

If you want to know about some of the best furniture store, get into the online furniture stores. It is simply a matter of a click away, getting countless numbers of online furniture stores that get forth a few amazing array of furniture ranging from the aesthetic Victorian style to fashionable current style. The online furniture sellers are dedicated to please the wants millions of online purchasers having the thirst to bring together striking furniture to suit their exact life style and match the specific interior decorations. In fact these online business points also makes easy the purchasers by demanding less price for high excellence products – even though the law does not hold good for all online furniture stores. Therefore, any wrong choice of online store for the furniture exposes the general mass to the risk of turning out to be the utter flop by getting the poor products from unscrupulous business point.

The online store lets you browse for the furniture by not only the top-level manufacturers, designs, styles, and types but also by the limited and online furniture stores all at once. Other online furniture stores such as e-bay have moved a few extra miles to raise with some wonderful collection of wooden furniture for the remote corners of the world for instance Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Not just only this, a few of the online stores are far smarter to come up with the aesthetic cane and bamboo furniture to beautify the best-looking homes of the modern or the current times.

Here some tips for shopping furniture at thrift stores. Whether you are a college student trying to live thriftily or a hipster trying to bring together a shabby chic living room, you may come across yourself furniture shopping at thrift stores. In the middle of the piles of discarded junk, you can discover some intelligent pieces of furniture that deserve a second (or third) home. To put together the most of furniture shopping at thrift stores, think about these tips.

Here is the first tip. Strike the correct places. Some thrift stores focus roughly and wholly on clothing while others have a well mix of furniture and household items. Inquire people which thrift stores in town normally have the best furniture shopping status. You can also make a call to the store before visiting to inquire about their existing selection. Additionally, to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and additional well-known stores, tries church-run shops and rummage sales.

This second tip questions the obvious! When shopping, bear in mind that not every piece of furniture has to use for its planned function. Just for the reason that it’s “obviously” a dining room table does not represent it cannot make a fine desk if the size, height, and sturdiness are good. Just because it is, an “obviously” bed-headboard combo does not mean you cannot pleasingly style it into an extra-large chaise lounge with some well-placed pillows. So, be creative, and look at the possible in pieces before ignoring them.

The third tip says to see beyond the surface. Some furniture pieces at thrift stores look hideous or ugly because their surfaces are scratched or because they are sporting unpleasant colors. If you come across a well-designed wooden table that just wants a cosmetic new start, think about painting it. If you hit upon a dresser that would be cool with new knobs, so think making the small savings in hardware. When you place or put an extra $5 to a $15 piece of furniture, you are still saving money in the end.

The last and final tip is that to drape it! If you come across a clean, well-built chair that just wants to be totally covered, gaze in the fabric section. They are repeatedly a few remarkably funky draperies, tablecloths, and additional large pieces of fabric that can cover up chair and couches with kitsch style. No sewing require be involved; just use a little creative tucking and folding and you will have a fresh look for the furniture. As well, keep in mind that not only sofas and other seating can draped with fabric, as tabletops and dresser-tops can cover too.

Kate Rosline

Studying Historical PPC Ad Trends to Optimize Your Seasonal Ad Campaigns

March 8th, 2013 No comments

Nowadays, a lot of online businesses rely heavily on certain seasons for increased sales volume. As of this writing, the month of September for most industries indicate a significant time for sales — it’s back-to-school in the US; it’s the early start of Halloween and Christmas preparation for Christian nations; it’s the beginning of vacation booking for some travel enthusiasts. If you are an online marketer that could benefit from such events, then you might just want to invest on the trend when the demand is in full bloom, because if you’re not prepared as a seasonal marketer, you will not reap the fruits of a demanding market during this buying season.

Research and well-tested ad campaign techniques are keys to handling seasonal activities in the online market. So when seasonal advertising time is approaching, you should be equipped with the knowledge of knowing the profitable keywords from related websites around a month before the season.

For example, you are planning to sell gift items this coming Christmas such as jewelry, clothes, perfume and toys. You should do a research of shopping sites, such as, Amazon and, and determine their high-paying keywords. Competitive intelligence tools such as can be a big help in this marketing pursuit. It can gather keywords of marketers in all types of industries and allow you to get good ideas on keyword advertising. You can also check its Time Machine feature, this KeywordSpy thing lets you look at keywords other advertisers have used in the past.

So based on our first example, you may look for Christmas-oriented sites in KeywordSpy Time Machine and check their November and December 2007 keywords and ad copies, then see for yourself the keyword advertising strategies which will be helpful in your own site campaign on December 2008.

In short, if your business has various high points throughout the year, try to review the past promotional and marketing campaigns of your industry so you can improve your next target season. I really suggest that you give the Time Machine a shot. This is the only keyword tool feature that I have seen giving months’ worth of advertising information. Would you believe, I found out through KeywordSpy Time Machine that divorce sites such as boost their advertising during months of February and March? Perhaps this can be credited to the fact that the Valentines madness is in the air during these months, and divorce sites are targeting the emotional spots of “attached people”, by subtly suggesting that they should prioritize their need for divorce to be with their “true love.” So, how is that for an advertising gold mine if you are in the “divorce industry”? You can simply copy the keywords and improve the ad copies of well-performing divorce sites in certain periods and months.

Whoever said that “moving forward” is the best thing to do in this world” is simply not always right especially in this case. Cause in the world of seasonal advertising, it is good to “look backwards” and review the good and bad in the past season, for you to cherry-pick and carry the good ones in the next.

The theory is the same when choosing your keyword and ad copies for your targeted seasons, learn from the sites that did well in the past and enhance what they’ve got. With this, we might just believe in the saying: “It’s always good to learn from the experts.”

Happy selling and have a fruitful season!

Zey Gutierrez

How To Make Money On Ebay. (Learn the Secrets that Top eBay Sellers Don’t Want You to Know)

March 8th, 2013 8 comments

This is a preview of my 1 hour 40 minute class. Get full instant access at If you want to learn how to really make money on eBay, this is it. Start making money today!

If you’ve ever wanted to go behind the scenes of a successful eBay business, and use that incredible knowledge to build your OWN business, then you’ll be thrilled to discover…

For the first time EVER I’m revealing exactly how I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars on eBay in this easy to follow DVD set.

Dear Friend,

I have been teaching people how to make money online for years. I’ve created a seminar and now these DVDs.

I’ve taught thousands of people how to make money on the Internet.

My success has enabled me to live the lifestyle others dream about.

This is your opportunity to change your life and learn how to really make money on eBay.

In this 2 part DVD set (1 hour and 38 minutes long) I will explain:

1. Where Does Money Come From?
2. The Only Reason Any Business Is Successful Is Because
3. 3 Reasons People Make Money In Our World
4. 2 Types Of Imagination
Part 2
5. How To Use Ebay
6. To Make Money
7. Why Use Ebay?
8. 5 Minutes To Start
9. Personal Page
10. Id Verify
11. Begin By Buying
12. Best Price I Found Online
13. Check Feedback
14. Ask A Question
15. Add To Favorite Sellers
16. View Other Items
17. Take A Closer Look
18. Buy It Now
19. Bidding On An Item
20. Alert System
21. Reserve Auctions
22. Lets Sell Something!
23. My Ebay
24. After Auction Ends
25. Send Invoice
26. Second Chance Offer
27. Auction Marketing Skills
28. Top 7 Headline Types
29. Phrases That Help Sell
30. Images Sell
31. Selling Strategies
32. Ideas Of What To Sell
33. Ebay Pulse
34. Unusual Items Sold On Ebay
35. Most Expensive Items On Ebay With Bids!
36. What To Do If Your Item Doesnt Sell
37. Ebay Stores
38. Ebay Express
39. Classified Ads
40. Best Offer Option
41. Listing Software
42. Paypal
43. Other Software
44. Square Trade
45. Auction Sniper
46. Ebay Research Tools
47. Advertising Your Ebay Items
48. Advertising On Ebay
49. Write A Guide Or Review
50. Other Ways To Promote Your Auctions

Buy the DVDs at

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eBay sales update & over 1000 CDs to put up on Amazon. Also a Star Wars figure update

March 8th, 2013 19 comments

Hi all… another eBay sales update… some more on the Star Wars figures. Also, Amazon update and CD hauls.

Duration : 0:9:6

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eBay Prepping Items Tools & Technique

March 8th, 2013 11 comments

An overview of basic prepping technique and tools you might use when getting items from your haul ready to be sold on eBay.

Duration : 0:20:19

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See Ann SELL #1: My Weekly Business Vlog About Selling On Ebay & Amazon!

March 8th, 2013 25 comments

Watch this video to learn more about my weekly Ebay vlog:

Read my guide to selling on Ebay and Amazon:


Ebay Store:
Amazon Storefront:

Duration : 0:12:53

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Terapeak Review 2013 – How To Sell On eBay. eBay Market Research

March 8th, 2013 25 comments
To read full textual review of Terapeak and get more free in depth video tutorials on how to sell on eBay, research and find hot selling products please visit the link above.
Terapeak is an eBay research tool, and if this doesn’t tell you much, it is a tool that help you sell products more profitable, easily discover top selling products, uncover your competitors bestselling strategies, determine how much an item is worth and how well it will sell. Let’s take a closer look at each of the strategies and see how to use Terapeak to maximize you profits.
How to find top selling products using Terapeak
Category Research
There are several ways to find top selling products using Terapek. If you have general idea of what products you want to sell or have access to; let’s say you have found a supplier with great prices on home improvement equipment and furniture and want to know should you sell “CD & Video Racks” or “Heating & Cooling Equipment”, one of the ways is to check Terapeak “Category Research” and see how well your category is doing in terms of sales.
From “Category Research” I can see that “Heating, Cooling & Air” have relatively high volume of sales and “CD & Video Racks” is category with relatively low volume of sales. If I drill down further and take a look at category trend over the last 90 days I can see that “CD & Video Racks” category is doing on average around $15K a week in sales and “Heating, Cooling & Air” is doing on average about $2M dollars a week in sales. Now that I know that there are more buyers shopping in “Heating, Cooling & Air” category, I can drill down to exact brands and models that are selling the best in this category by switching to “best selling titles” tab.
“Hot Research”
Another option to uncover top selling products is by using “Hot Research”. If you don’t have particular category for selling in mind and you don’t feel like researching different brands and models, you can get ideas for profitable products to sell from Terapeak “Hot Research” module.
Hot Categories
“Hot Categories” is a good way to identify categories which have recently experienced a significant rise in demand, which means that people are actively spending money there right now. By browsing through “Hot Categories” list it is easy to discover highly profitable niches with very little competition. As you can see “Programmable Thermostats” is listed as “very hot” category with high success rate which means that majority of listings in this category are successful. If we go look at the sales trend for this category, we can see that weekly sales are about 60K during winter season and by researching top sellers we can see that there are about 30 sellers that are selling on a regular basis right now. By finding categories with relatively high volume of sales and low number of sellers you’re uncovering potential lucrative niches where you can claim good piece of a pie with the right selling strategy. This translates into money making opportunity when our research shows us that demand is high while supply is low.
Hot Products
“Hot products” tab lists groups of similar listings which have been selling at a high success rate recently; it is another way to discover hot selling products but when looking at hot products list I would suggest narrow you search down to a category, because if you search across all categories, products that are listed at the top are hard to find at wholesale price as you can see items listed at the top are mostly consumer electronics and computers. But, if you drill down to less competitive category, it is much easier to find dropshiper or wholesaler that will be glad to supply you with products to sell.
Hot Titles
“Hot Titles” tab lists the products that have been sold most successfully on the eBay marketplace within selected period. Again, it makes sense to drill down to a less competitive category because it is easier to find wholesale suppliers for those products.
Top Sellers
It is much easier and lucrative to follow lead of success then to invent failure. Terapeak makes it easy to research and reverse-engineer sales strategy of the most successful sellers in any niche or category. By researching top sellers in your category you could easily discover most profitable products to sell or find ideas for new products to sell that you haven’t thought of before. Now, instead of blindly buying a truckload of random stuff, you know exactly which products are going to bring you a profit.

Terapeak Review

To read full textual review of Terapeak and get more free in depth video tutorials on eBay research and finding hot selling products please visit the link above.
Original video:

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Cash from THRIFT STORES!! Make Money on Ebay and Craigslist!

March 8th, 2013 25 comments

Just made on of my regular stops to the thrift store and boy did I score!! You can make money from home just like I do. Sell it on Ebay!! Great thrift store finds!!

I want to thank everyone who likes my channel. I appreciate all the support and truly hope I am helping some people out there!! I like to show people how to make money from home! You can seriously make money from Craigslist and Ebay. I have several other revenue streams too!! Garage sales, Estate Sales, Thrift stores and shops, swap meets, flea markets, rummage sales, storage shed auctions, auctions, online, goodwill stores and more!! I love the hunt and kill of this business!! There is a plethora of resources out there!! You just have to have the motivation to get up and go find them in your area!! It is hard work sometimes, but I truly believe that if you do the right thing and keep your moral compass in check, GREAT things will happen to you. God is a huge part of my life. If you trust in him and do his will, your life will improve dramatically. That is one promise I can make to you!! While I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, I have an inherent ability to find good deals. It is in my blood! There are several great things about this business. Flexibility, freedom, time with your kids, control of your own destiny and more!!
You only need a few tools to get started!! Most people have everything they need anyways!! Phone, internet, camera, transportation etc. What a lot of folks LACK is motivation and patience!! If you don’t have those two characteristics, you will NEVER make it in this arena! When I talk about patience, I mean you have to LEARN this trade. There is a lot of shortcuts you can take, but they will always lead to a brick wall!! Trust me, I know!
There are a lot of places out there that “say” they can show you how to make money from home, but you wind up getting ripped off, shoved in to an Amway meeting or other MLM gigs. So many websites and channels on youtube pitch affiliate marketing, how to make money fast, how to make money online, how to make money on YouTube, how to make money from a blog, how to make money from ebooks, how to get money, spam scams, day traders and other junk it makes me want to scream!! My way is just old fashioned buying low and selling high! It’s one of the oldest professions other than farming, bartering and prostitution! NO JOKE!! SERIOUSLY Think about that for just a minute!! What other professions were there?
So, if you are struggling, drowning in debt, need employment, need a home based business, need a leg up, a kick in the butt, depressed, tired of being broke, looking for a business opportunity, stressed out, need a job, part time income, full time income, need some extra cash, a stay at home mom or dad, asking yourself “how do I learn to be a picker”?, how to be an American picker, hot to be to be a picker, how to make money fast, how to make money quick, how do I make money from garage sales, how to make money from storage shed auctions, want to make ends meet, how to survive in today’s economy, need employment, or you’re tired and hungry, just kick back, pay attention and you might just learn something!! I have shown you my part time income proof!!
Please visit my website!! It will be LIVE on 1-11-11!!! Sign up NOW and see what your BONUS is that day!!
One more thing!! Be GRATEFUL and thank GOD for what you have, and don’t complain about what you don’t!

Duration : 0:3:39

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