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Wow Auction House On Warcraft Armory

Many of you have heard that the auction house is going to eventually be integrated into the warcarft armory. This is awesome news! Will it be a premium option that costs money? Perhaps, but the more pressing question for me is will you be able to run addons like auctioneer while accessing the armory version of the auction house? I personally don’t expect an addon that makes use of xml (it wouldn’t be a wow addon in the first place) to read and write to the wow armory’s version of the auction house to appear anytime soon.

Regardless of how the auction house is integrated with armory there will be some serious changes to how markets flow in world of warcraft. I’m talking about the cycles of wow, you know raid items selling better on raid nights, pvp upgrades selling quickly on tuesday afternoons, etc. Normally you see less auctions during the middle of the day since people are working and there are also less buyers for the same reason. This is a great time to pick up deals on the auction house in order to prepare for posting later in the afternoon when prime time happens and most people get online. With the 24/7 nature of wow armory (except for patch days), there will never be a ‘down time’ on the auction house. This will greatly change trends and cycles in wow as more players will have access to both post and buy items all throughout the day. I expect to see huge influxes of players during lunch hours at work, as well as early morning when people arrive and read the news or check their mail. Now they’ll be checking their real life mail as well as their auction house mail.

Will the auction house be worth it without the dozens of addons the vast majority of successful auctions have come to love? See 22 steps to auctioneer to help you get started with that great addon if you haven’t already.

Leave some comments on what you think will happen, whether you would pay for the armory auction house, etc. Maybe blizzard will charge us per transaction lol. E-Trade in wow!

Markco Polo

  1. andruestafford
    July 25th, 2012 at 23:29 | #1

    My WoW account was stolen, Will i get it back?
    As the title states my World of Warcraft account was stolen this morning at about 6:00. I tried to use the automated password recovery tool to change my pass but i couldn’t because it said "there were too many recovery attempts", I also tried to change the associated e-mail but they changed that too. Since it is Sunday i cannot call Blizz until tomorrow. I checked the armory and have seen that the gear from my 72 rogue is gone (i’m also assuming that the 1500g i had is also gone, as well as my items for sale in the auction house, another 800). They transferred my 70 warlock to a different server and i imagine all his gear is gone too. Is there any chance that my account will come back into my ownership, and will is there a chance i will get everything they took back as well. Also, will blizz transfer my warlock back to his original realm without making me pay?

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