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We are trying to sell on Craig’s Lists; Please give tips on selling successfully on CL, and Ebay too.?

October 31st, 2012 2 comments

We realize pictures help, but what are the best secrets to make sales on these big sites? Thanks alot

As a seller, the most important thing you want to consider is the size of your potential market. A basic business tenet is ‘The greater the potential market, the greater the potential for maximum profits.’ There isn’t another auction site on the web that can hold a candle to ebay and the tens of millions of members it has. Many have tried and many have failed and yet, many are still trying. Ebay has a virtual lock on this business. This is where you want to sell as ebay has the largest potential market.

Craigslist is basically a classified that limits you to your general geographic area. This, in turn, drastically limits your potential market. If you want to reach the most people to maximize your profits, ebay is still the way to go. Craigslist, for the most part, is for larger and/or heavier items that are cumbersome to easily ship like furniture, weights/dumbbell sets, cars, swing sets, etc. Also, CASH is king with Craigslist. Do tell the buyers beforehand that you will only accept CASH.

Also, it’s a crazy world! As most Craigslist buyers will arrive at your home to pick up their merchandise, I would advise people, especially women, who use Craigslist to have at least two other people with them when the buyer arrives. You just never know what kind of riff raff may show up at your doorstep. The person who arrives may be a heavy drooler and look like Quasimodo. You don’t want to be terrified alone, do you? You want to be terrified with at least two other people. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Be honest and accurate in your descriptions – One-sentence descriptions are for lazy sellers. One paragraph should be sufficient for most items. My general guideline is the more expensive (read higher priced) an item, the more you should ‘talk it up.’ It won’t be time wasted. Use lots of adjectives in your descriptions. Adjectives make prose and your items come alive. Without them, prose is dull and your items less appealing. Just add a little ‘sizzle’ and even have a little fun with it. In short, make your descriptions stand out above the crowd.

Be professional – use good English with no spelling errors


Including one picture is a MUST, more pictures for higher priced items. Make sure your pictures are clear. There are far too many pictures on ebay that are dark. If prospective buyers can’t see your items clearly, your items, more than likely, will not fetch the closing prices they deserve. To remove darkness, use any photo editor to add some brightness and a wee bit of contrast.

Eliminate clutter. Prospective bidders don’t want to know what kind of cereal you eat or what kind of kitchen table or bedspread you have. Use a SOLID backdrop when taking your pictures as you want to focus all of the attention on your item. In short, the one and only thing you want in your picture is the item being sold. A SOLID white or light blue backdrop is best. However, there are certainly items that won’t show well on a light backdrop. In these cases, use a darker backdrop. And for gosh sake, don’t even think of using a plaid blanket as a backdrop for your pictures as I once saw on ebay. You should also crop the photos in your photo editor. Good pictures can add 5% to 10% to final closing prices.

GOOD DESCRIPTIONS + GOOD PICTURES = GOOD PRESENTATION. This is what you should strive for.


Do not limit your auctions to one country. SELL WORLDWIDE. The reason is elementary. You now have access to the largest market ebay has to offer. Limiting your auctions to only one country also limits your potential profits. A basic business tenet is, ‘the greater the potential market, the greater the potential to maximize profits.’ But do note in your listing that PayPal is the only form of payment you will accept from overseas bidders/buyers. Through experience, you will learn that there are certain problem countries. Italy seems to be one of them. Mail sent to buyers in Italy very often ‘mysteriously disappears.’ If this is the case, just note in your listing you sell to all countries EXCEPT (name(s) here).

However, if you decide to limit sales to only one country, such as the USA, never say NO when you receive an email asking if you would ship to Taiwan, Germany, Australia or wherever. The reason is that you have a ‘FISH ON THE HOOK!’ This person will bid! When he or she does, this may force a previous bidder to enter another, higher bid or force later, first time bidders to come in with higher bids. So always say YES to these emails if you want to maximize your profits. But do say that PayPal is the only form of payment you will accept from these overseas bidders

Avoid selling ‘nickel and dime’ items. People who list and sell a steady stream of items that close for $5 or less are wasting their time. Less expensive, similar items ($5 or less) are best sold as a group to save time. If you have a large number of these cheaper, similar items, divide them up into sub lots of three, four or five.

More expensive (higher priced), similar items are best sold individually to maximize profits. There are ebay ‘vultures’ who just love to swoop down on similarly grouped items in one listing. When they win these auctions, they turn around and sell the items individually and, in most cases, get one and a half to 2 times and sometimes three times what they paid for them on an average item basis. I know this works. When I had more time (read unemployed), I was one of these ‘vultures.’ This is one of those situations where the parts are worth more than the whole.

If you want to do your listings OFFLINE, download the TURBO LISTER program free from ebay. Once you have finished with your listings, you can upload them anytime or schedule a date and time when you want your auctions to start.

Lastly, keep in mind that experience is the best teacher. Start off slowly listing only two or three items and see how that goes for you. Once you get your feet wet and gain confidence, start listing more items on a weekly basis. You will soon learn the ins and outs and the dos and don’ts in short order and ultimately settle on a system that works best for you. The more items you list, the more items you will sell, the more $$ you will make and the harder you will work. Nothing in life comes easy and that includes becoming a successful seller at ebay. If you are conscientious and put in a little extra effort, you will do well. If you are lazy or indifferent in selling your items, you won’t. Good luck & happy selling!

Why did ebay shut my auction down 4 a Dell XP Pro restore disk?

October 31st, 2012 1 comment

It was the original blue Dell restore disk that came with my computer that the MoBo fried on. I saw several auctions on ebay for the same thing. (still are) I noticed that they were selling them with a ram chip or hard drive to, as they put it "comply with microsoft and ebay rules to sell it" so I did the same thing but still got my auction shut down. It was unopend and unused. This is what I got from them.

Dear g95437 (,

You recently listed the following auction-style listing:

120953159649 – New Dell CD Restore Disc Microsoft Windows XP Professional with service pack 3

Your listing has been removed.

LTC Trusted Reporter

The rights owner or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the rights owner, Microsoft Corporation, notified eBay that this listing violates intellectual property rights. When eBay receives a report of this type of violation, we remove the listing to comply with the law.

Copyright infringement is unlawful and against eBay policies. Copyright is the protection provided by law to the authors of creative works, such as movies, music, software, photographs, and books, both published and unpublished. Copyright owners have the exclusive right to reproduce the copyrighted work, to distribute copies of the copyrighted work, and to perform or display the copyrighted work publicly.

eBay doesn’t allow the listing of unauthorized copies of copyrighted works. Unauthorized copies include backup, pirated, duplicated, or bootlegged copies.

If the product you are selling is a copy of another work that you aren’t authorized to copy, don’t list the item. eBay doesn’t allow the sale of software if this violates the manufacturer’s copyright license.

Anyone know what the real scoop is on this? What do I need to do to sell it legaly? Or is it just eBay in bed with Microsoft…

There is no real scoop as you put it.

You have been told the reason. Copyright Infringement.

By selling an OS Restore disc your selling a pirate copy
of the original OS!

Help with this Ebay account question! Why is there additional charges?

October 31st, 2012 1 comment

I had an account balance of some nine dollars for sales a couple of months ago. My credit card was maxed out so the charge was declined. I looked at my account balance and there’s an additional charge of some nine dollars
but I haven’t sold anything. What’s going on?

No idea. Maybe it’s an NSF charge. Maybe you used eBay shipping labels and didn’t realize they charge 9% for using it.

Go to My eBay and pull up the invoice and copy the info here.

Is it illegal to buy wholesale items and then sell them on ebay?

October 31st, 2012 5 comments

Do you need a license or something to buy wholesale items off the internet then turn around and sell them on ebay?

Nope………….can do……………..

I have some batarang metal and plastic props for sale but Ebay took down my can i get around that?

October 29th, 2012 1 comment

i have a few batman style batarangs but ebay took them down because there are regulations for batman symbols and throwing knives etc. but i see there are other batman shapes things and batarangs on ebay for sale. what gives? how i can i get around this??

You can’t call them batarangs. You can’t call them "batman style."

If they are clearly Batman related items, you can’t list counterfeits either.

How long does it take to list an estate for auction?

October 29th, 2012 2 comments

Just curious as to a time frame, from the time an auctioneer comes to the home to inspect & list items, to the length of time to advertise for the auction, to the day it all sells.

I am settling my grandmothers estate and planning on using an auction service to sell her home & belongings. As I live quite a distance away, I’d like to know what sort of time frame is involved, since I cannot make it back & forth to her hometown often.


about a month I would think

How long does it take ebay to list your items for sale?

October 27th, 2012 4 comments

Im new to selling on ebay, i have listed a few items for sale an hour or so ago. While they appear in "my ebay" I can’t find them online when searching, and when i look at my member profile it says i have no items for sale. How long should it usually take for them to be listed online? Any tips appreciated, thanks 🙂

eBay updates their database every 15 minutes so you should see a new item within 15 minutes of listing. It takes about a day for Google and the other search engines to index it so keep that in mind when you choose a listing time. Make sure that ebay is not having a problem or that you saved a draft and didn’t publish the listing. Also you may have disabled cookies (which are mandatory).

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Why co. like EBay or Amazon does not have an instant messenger on their site?Is it a good idea to have one?

October 27th, 2012 1 comment

I’m just wondering if these companies ever thought of that as it could cut down the enquiries time and more sales can be closed at real time. Improve cash flow for Ebay(more transactions in a minute?),higher turn around time(lesser inventory?) for seller and buyers got the best deal instantly. Ok. this might only work for ‘buy it now’ items listed. please share your comment.
I’m just wondering if these companies ever thought of that as it could cut down the enquiries time and more sales can be closed at real time. Improve cash flow for Ebay(more transactions in a minute?),higher turn around time(lesser inventory?) for seller and buyers got the best deal instantly. Ok. this might only work for ‘buy it now’ items listed.Having said that,assuming all transactions would take place in ebay/amazon. please share your comment.

Having a method like that would be great for us as consumers but bad for eBay and amazon because then it’d be easy for a merchant on those sites to lure that customer away from eBay or amazon and make a sale outside where amazon and eBay make ‘0’ Profit. Thats just looking at the hard facts from a business stand point.

The other reason would be a security reason… a merchant could potentially take advantages of you through an instant messenger and eBay or similar companies wouldn’t be able to get your money back or it might be difficult.

However for personal business sites i think the concept of live help or chatting is great, that way you can ask a merchant directly about their products. 🙂

How lony does it take ebay selling?

October 27th, 2012 2 comments

How long befor you can use mony you made from selling on ebay in your pay pal acount

Does the person have to recive the item first?

it takes two weeks or more for the money to post into your account because it gives the buyer enough time to receive the item and dispute it just incase its a scam and they can put a hold on the money.

What can attorney due to delay auction of home?

October 27th, 2012 2 comments

Someone please help, I’m going crazy. We live in a non judicial state. Auction to sell our house is set for 12-4-09. We are unemployed at the present time and will not be able to keep our house and have accepted that. But since the auction is in December and we really have no place to go until January, is there anything an attorney can do to delay the auction for a month or two. Please I am asking for serious answers only. This is hard enough to loose our home after trying desperately to save our house.

Since you currently have no way of paying the mortgage because of lack of income you are out of luck unless you can show a your lender that you have even the slightest chance of making the loan good.

Declaring bankruptcy would delay the foreclosure a couple of months, but that will cost your at least $2500 in attorney and legal fees. Sorry to say this but your situation is hopeless unless you can provide the lender a reasonable expectation that you will be able to resume payments, even modified payments, in the near future.