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Gill and John from Bamford Trading share their top tips on how to sell successfully on eBay.

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How To Find Profitable Products to Sell on eBay To Make Money

July 29th, 2012 2 comments

How To Find Profitable Products to Sell on eBay To Make Money
When you decide to list a product in the online market, the first thing that comes to your mind is which one will be able to generate maximum profits. Well, this is a crucial decision to take. There are over hundreds of thousands of products that you can choose from and identifying the one that will generate maximum sales will be difficult. After you have identified the product generating maximum sales, you need to where you can find that product at reasonable and cheaper rates so that you can generate a good amount of profits.
It is a good idea to do quick search on ebay in order to understand the sale trends. You will be able to find data and statistics on ebay which will let you understand the demand of each product. Analyze the demand and supply of a product at the same time in order to be successful. In your search, find out the profitable products to sell on ebay and once you have the answer; you will be on the path to generating higher turnovers.
Terapeak is a research tool that will be able to help you find the profitable products to sell on ebay. It is important to do a market research before you plan to sell any product and that is exactly what Terapeak will do for you. It will provide you with the analysis of products that have been selling well and the categories which are searched for the maximum number of times in a month. So in case you know that the books category is one of the top favorites, you know that it will be a good idea to list a book on ebay.
The easiest and most convenient thing to sell through any online medium is information. There are several reasons why selling information is beneficial. It does not require you to generate any inventory, you don’t have to purchase it from any supplier, there is no shipping or handling costs in the case of ebooks and you also don’t need to hire anyone. Information sold online will always be profitable but if you are considering selling a physical product, then it is a good idea to use the features of Terapeak.
The best thing about Terapeak is that you can use it at no cost. You just need to sign up for the free research tool and your trial period will be activated. All you need is a valid ebay account which you can link to your ebay marketplace research by Terapeak. The free search is not as useful as the regular paid service because it has certain limitations but the little valuable information that you get can help you decide whether you should use the product or not.
The information about different aspects that Terapeak will be able to give you includes:
1. The profitable products to sell on ebay
2. The price at which products should be sold on ebay
3. When should you list your product
4. Who are your competitors
5. What sale strategy should you use

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Marketing Your eBay Business – Advanced

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Explore the strategies that will help you define your brand to attract and retain Web 2.0 customers utilizing the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and advanced tactics for connecting with customers through social media.

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Yo Glendon My Sales Suck Man Why Is It So Slow?

July 29th, 2012 10 comments

Books\3 Book Deal eBooks
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Glendon Cameron’s Book
Making Money A-Z with Self Storage Units 2011
Pimping Craigslist For Fun and Profit
The Ultimate Garage Sale
The New Storage Auction Buyer’s Handbook

Glendon Cameron’s Books On Kindle

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Pimping Craigslist For Fun and Profit
The Ultimate Garage Sale
The New Storage Auction Buyers Handbook

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How To Find Gold and Other Valuables At Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Flea Markets And Craigslist
Picking Seven Days A Week
The Hustler’s MindSet

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Mike Gee Kustoms USA Custom Shop Hot Mod Strat O Caster / Avocado Non Relic

July 29th, 2012 2 comments

Mike Gee Kustoms
Phoenix, AZ


eBay Sales

Mike Gee Kustoms USA Custom Shop
Hot Mod Strat O Caster / Avocado Non Relic

This sweet axe is part of our Hot Mod Relic series. She’s a FIRE Breathing Tone MONSTER like those super expensive Custom Guitars made in So Cal… But for a whole lot less coin.

She features a Alder body (not brand new, but a 9.5 out of a 10 with a few scuffs) painted a semi transparent Avocado. The neck started out as a uncut chunky neck. Then I took her out to the shop and shaved her down. So now she’s somewhere between a slim and a chunky…so does that make it a husky???LOL. Anyways I cut the headstock to be familiar but yet original.

Under the hood is where things are NOT stock but really FREAKING Hot MOD Awesome. She has 2 paf style (11k) humbucking pickups. These are sweet pickups. Then we took a single coil pickup and put it in the same rout as the bridge humbucker (TRIPPLE BUCKER BABY!!!). So, it is a single coil joined with a humbucker to look like one 3 coil pickup. Really cool. But wait!!!! Then we installed a 3 way mini-toggle switch to control the TRIPLEBUCKER. In the middle position, all three coils are active. In the down position, only the humbucker is active and in the up position, only the single coil is active. It does really give you a nice variety of sounds! Need MORE??? There are 2 knobs, a master volume knob and a master tone knob. The tone knob is a push/pull knob and puts the neck pickup out of phase with the bridge TRIPLEBUCKER pickup. Depending on which setting you have the TRIPLEBUCKER on, you get different out of phase sounds. They are all nice and funky and unlike anything you’ve ever played!! Seriously you will not believe how versatile this guitar is!!

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Update of Ebay Sales for Items Purchased at Garage/Estate Sales, Thrift Stores, & Auctions!

July 29th, 2012 10 comments

Recent Ebay sales from garage/estate sales, thrift stores and auction finds. In an effort to spark sales and generate some cash flow, I have been using Best Offer, which has been working out quite well. I am getting a bit less than I want for some items, but if they aren’t selling I figure it is better to just sell those items and move on.
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Google Q1 2010 Earnings Call

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Patrick Pichette, Susan Wojcicki, Jeff Huber, and Nikesh Arora participate in Google’s Q1 2010 Earnings Call on April 15, 2010.

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Make Money At Home Selling On Ebay Dropshipping Products Tutorial 2D

July 29th, 2012 15 comments
How to sell on ebay dropshipping products . Please take a look on tutorial 1 and 2A, and 2B and 2C

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eBay Fraud Auction By Hacker

July 29th, 2012 25 comments Video of an eBay auction run by a hacker to steal ebay user names. The auction was started by an eBay user who is “No Longer A Registered User.”

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How to Increase the Selling Price of Ebay Items

July 29th, 2012 7 comments

Everyone would like to get the best possible price for everything they sell on eBay, but not many people really understand what people are actually looking for when they are trying to buy things. You have to put yourself into the buyer’s place. What do you look for?

First and foremost, you need photographs. It has been proven many times that auctions that are equal in almost every other way will sell better when good photos are included. People who shop on auction sites are very visually oriented. When you think about it, this makes sense. When you go to a clothing store, would you be comfortable just reading a list of descriptions of their clothing items, and then ordering your clothing from that list? Of course not. You want to see each item. Internet shoppers are no different, The nicer your photos look, the more excited your potential buyers will become about the item.

You should also be very descriptive in the text. Photos alone will not sell them item. You need to be careful with your description. Be accurate, describe any flaws in detail, and try to paint a picture of the condition of the item with your words. Consider the following descriptions for the same item.

“This is a navy blue blazer. It has a small rip in the seam under the right arm. It is not really visible. It is a size 40. It has a navy blue silk lining. It’s a really nice blazer and it has only been worn three times.”

To see a video from Kim and Charles on their Virtual Real Estate Investing systems click below:

“Here we have a gorgeous, navy blue, tailored, single-breasted blazer from Blazer’s International. This blazer is a size 40 and is beautifully tailored to fit just right. The lining is made of a very high quality navy blue silk. It has two lovely silver-colored buttons in the front. The buttons are in perfect condition, with no cracks or peeling. This blazer was purchased new for over $250, and has only been worn three times. It comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home, and has been cared for very well. This item does have a small rip in the seam under the right arm. The rip is not visible under general wear, but should be able to be fixed very easily since it is in the seam.”

As you can see, the second description not only offers much more information, but it paints a much more detailed picture of the item. The second description actually tells you that the item is tailored, high quality, and has silver-colored buttons. Remember, the photos may not tell the whole story, so the description is just as important!

Offering a good return policy is another way to ensure better selling prices. When a seller sees that he or she can return an item if they feel it is not as described or does not fit will make them feel more comfortable with buying from you. Your return policy should be tailored to your own needs, but the more flexible you can make it, the better people will feel about spending their money with you.

One final thing to consider is your feedback rating. The higher your feedback is when you start selling, the more people will feel that they can trust you. You should always do your best to ensure that every single person that you buy from or sell to is satisfied with the transaction. You might also consider buying several inexpensive items in order to raise your feedback quickly before you start selling items.

Charles and Kim Petty