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Do You Know What to Look For At Garage Sales to Sell on Ebay?

May 29th, 2012 1 comment

Do you know what to look for at garage sales to sell later on ebay to make some extra money? I have been doing this for about 5 years now and have made an e-book that gives examples and tips! Please leave your suggestions, and with your permission, I will add it to my book and include that the information came from you! Thanks!

Hi Jeremy,

I guess once you’ve been doing it for 5 years you should know all the possible tips and tricks regarding garage sales?:-)

But there’s one thing I can tell you – buy bundles of used stuff on eBay, then resell it one-by-one. For maximum conversion listings should be very well optimised as explained in the free 5 day Video course ‘Fix My Auction’ below.



Ebay question. What days of the month are usually the slowest to sell stuff?

May 29th, 2012 1 comment

Does being early or middle or late in the month affect your sales greatly? I’ve noticed during the middle of the month it’s kinda slow but I don’t have enough experience to proof this myself.

its kind of amazing about auction closing times. We have a few resources on our site for tools that show you the best days and times to close auctions for items. Who would have thought that closing an auction on Wed at 11:30 pm would yield a higher price than Fridays at noon? Its kind of creepy but pretty cool as well.

best way to promote an ebay store?

May 29th, 2012 1 comment

I sell on ebay from the uk and am a powerseller with 100% feedback, but sales seem to be slow. I sell womens dresses and tops, i was selling stuff like the top-shop items months before topshop even decided to sell them, any ideas on other fashions that are hot at the moment?

Apparently we’re in for a very hot summer, something thin and lite with a flair and style Chifon Cotton, Cool and Comfortable. Swimwear, for the increased numbers of swimmers, who might need a sense of style in the area of size and loud colours.

Am I responsible for misrepresentation on a sale of a vehicle when It was bought sight unseen?

May 29th, 2012 2 comments

I sold a vehicle on ebay auction site. I suggested to the buyer to have the vehicle inspected prior to sale. He declined. After purchase of the car, he now says I misrepresented the vehicle and wants his money back. I am not a dealer. Does this fall under The prudent care rule?
If the answer is "AS IS /WHERE IS" where is this written or implied?

To misrepresent the car, you lie about it. Did you do that? If so do the right thing. If you knew about some problemm but did not disclose it, you should still do the right thing. But if he assumed it had some accessory and did not ask, or if he thought that "no brakes" was "new brakes", then stand your ground. On eBay it is your feedback that determines your representation.

How do I know what to put for shipping when selling things on Ebay?

May 29th, 2012 3 comments

My grandma wants to start selling things on Ebay, and we were wondering how you go about shipping the items? Also, if anyone can explain the whole Ebay selling process to me, I don’t know how this stuff works so any info you have will be great! : )

To start selling on eBay, start with the EBAY SELLING BASICS page

Remember though, if you want to earn serious money from eBay, you need to have a well-thought out business model. Selling on ebay is getting tougher — just look at the number of auctions that closes without a bid. Go to the boards on ebay and you will hear even oldtimers complaining about how stiffer competition plus higher fees make it so much harder to sell on ebay.

The key success factor is: Sell products that people actually want.

It is important to determine exactly what the hot items to sell on their marketplace. Use eBay Pulse = "a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuff on eBay".

As for items to sell, you can:

1. Buy bulk liquidation items such as those at The capitalization may be big, but the idea is to sell the items individually and profit from it.

2. Find manufacturers of items you want to sell and buy discounted items from them

3. Make deals with retailers in your area, and offer to buy their unwanted items for deep discounts. jayandmarie – the most successful ebay sellers – made deals with music stores where they will buy the entire inventory in the discounted bins, and then sold the items on ebay for 1-cent starting bid.

4. Look for possible partners on the Web, preferably outside of the US. Import items from them and sell them on ebay. There’s huge profits to gain from this approach.

5. Check out deals from outlet stores. Focus on brand names, which you will find to be easier to sell.

As for shipping, many sellers have bought weighing scales that can give the weight of the item. You can then use that information to put in on eBay so eBay can calculate the shipping for you.

Tips for Successfully Selling a Saltwater Aquarium on E-bay

May 28th, 2012 No comments

Saltwater Reef Aquariums, Aquariums are a delightful addition to any home, and they inevitably brighten up the scenery and delight young and old alike. Despite their many assets there may come a time when an aquarium owner is simply unable to keep their aquarium. It may be a matter of finances (even though the majority of expenses are associated with setting up the aquarium there are certain expenses associated with keeping it running, and repairs and fish food can accumulate to be an impressive sum as well) or there may a move taking place and the new home will not accommodate a large aquarium, or the owner may be traveling such a distance that it is impractical for them to take their aquarium with them. Whatever the reason, if an owner is unable to keep their aquarium one of the fastest and most painless ways to sell their aquarium is on e-Bay.

For those who are not familiar, e-Bay is an online auction house and one of the biggest sales venues in the country today. Every day hundreds of thousands of people visit e-Bay to view what is for sale and to list their own goods. The advantage of e-Bay over more traditional sales venues is that it allows competition to drive up the price of its products so that there is literally no maximum amount of profit a product can sell for. The name of the game is for buyers to outbid each other until one buyer finally makes a bid so high that no one else is willing to try to top them or the time for bidding has passed.

Registering to sell on e-Bay is simple. All a would-be seller needs to do is open a seller’s account, which can easily be done by following the instructions on e-Bay’s homepage, Once a seller account has been created the seller can begin to list their goods. It is free to establish a seller account; however, there are certain fees associated with selling on e-Bay, so it is necessary to determine if the potential profits justify the amount of these fees before committing to selling through this venue. Chances are the answer will be yes.

There are some steps which can be taken to make sure that the saltwater aquarium an individual is attempting to sell will sell quickly. Including a picture of the aquarium with the listing is important, as many novice aquatic enthusiasts will not recognize a written description of an aquarium. A picture will draw their attention. The one line description should include as much basic information pertaining to the aquarium as possible, as the attention span of most buyers is extraordinarily short and if it is not captured in a first glance their business will probably be lost. It is also important that the minimum bid be competitive with other, similar aquariums on e-Bay. It is free to search these listings, and it is not necessary to have an account to view them.

Selling an aquarium on e-Bay is an excellent way for a owner to recoup some of the money which they have invested in their marine life while at the same time assuring that their saltwater aquarium is going to a good home. Saltwater Reef Aquariums

Andri Irawan

12 Items You CAN’T Sell On eBay

May 28th, 2012 4 comments

Millions of would-be entrepreneurs want to sell things on ebay.
eBay is the #1 home-business opportunity in the world right now,
so it’s natural that many are eager to find highly profitable
items for re-sale on eBay. However, it’s important to know that
there are certain items that can’t be sold. Here are a dozen of
them …

Some items are copyright infringement and can actually land a
seller in federal prison:

1. Knock offs of music, TV shows or movies. The “bootleg”
movies, for example, are often made by guys who sneak a movie
camera into a newly-released movie where presumably, they crouch
behind a seat and make a crummy copy. There is a large
production of these counterfeit items in Asia where US laws have
no power.

2. Software and computer games can likewise be copied and their
sale is illegal by all US laws.

Naturally, the items above may be sold if you have a copy that
you purchased legitimately and no longer want.

3, The so-called “replica” market for handbags, designer
sunglasses and clothing is definitely forbidden although these
items are often sold in physical stores around the US.
Ironically, when attending eBay Live In New Orleans in 2004, we
found a store in one of their famous markets selling replica
purses that were not allowed on eBay.

4. Lazy and less-than-honest sellers often steal copyrighted
material from other sellers. This has happened to me many times
and eBay has a program called VERO (Verified Rights Owner) that
will remove offending auctions, although there seems to be no
penalty attached to the seller, which is unfortunate.

5. Alcoholic beverage sales are not allowed although a beverage
“container’, especially those of wine, may be sold for its

6. Cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco or coupons for such
items are not permitted on

The Ebay rules for collectible tobacco and alcohol containers
are the same:

* The value of the item is in the collectible packaging, not in
the wine/tobacco itself.

* The listing description should state that the package has not
been opened, but that the twine/tobacco within is not for

* The collectible tobacco packaging must not be available at any
retail outlet, and packaging must have a value that
substantially exceeds the current retail price of that
wine/tobacco product in the package.

* Sellers must take steps to ensure that the buyer of these
collectibles is at least 18 years of age

7. Firearms are strictly regulated by US law and may not be sold
on eBay.

8. Satellite and cable TV descramblers are forbidden by the
Federal Trade Commission.

9. Animals and wildlife products may not be sold, which includes
stuffed birds and pelts from endangered species. There are
limited sales of ivory, tortoise shell, marine products and
other items relating to animals. This area is quite complex and
any would-be seller needs to thoroughly understand the various
laws before getting involved in these sales.

10. Event tickets have state-by-state laws that make their sale
complex. Some states, for instance, forbid anyone to make more
than a few dollars in profit (or no profit at all) on the resale
of tickets. For instance, Florida law states that tickets can be
resold at no more than face value plus $1. In such states, these
regulations apply only to buyers and sellers located in the same
state as the actual event, meaning if a seller lives in Florida,
he can’t profit from ticket sales to Florida events. However, if
he lives in any of the other 39 states, this restriction doesn’t

11. Listing a catalog of items that a seller offers for sale is
forbidden. The only catalogs legally sold on eBay are
collectible kinds, such as an old Sears Roebuck or Montgomery
Wards catalog that is memorabilia and doesn’t offer current
merchandise for sale.

12. Raffles and prizes are 100% prohibited. According to eBay,
such promotions are highly regulated and may be unlawful in many

There are other kinds of merchandise that a seller may not sell
on eBay, so carefully check eBay rules before listing anything.
It’s much better to know the rules in advance of spending money
that can’t be recouped.

Sydney Johnston

Study How to Earn Money on Ebay?

May 28th, 2012 4 comments

If you want to join the many thousands who have learned how to make money on ebay, here are a few facts and tips to help you get started.

ebay is one of the easiest ways to make money online and this is done by selling your products, goods or services on one of their auctions.

It’s an incredible fact that most of the world’s internet sales are generated by people who have learnt how to sell on ebay and it is estimated that there are somewhere in the region of a million people who make a full time income on eBay. For more results kindly login on to Although this seems like a huge number, it is a minute proportion of the people who are actually searching to buy online, so there is still plenty of untapped potential in this market.

There is a vast array of things that are available for selling on eBay, ranging from physical products, digital download products or even low-priced e-books. With the latter you can earn huge commission checks on the backend from affiliate offers. You can also learn how to make money on ebay by selling your own products which you have developed.

If you want to dip your toe in the water before committing to buying products for selling on eBay, then you can just sell things that you’ve got lying around in the house. Search through that cupboard of stuff you never use, and you’ll probably find you’ve got a few hundred dollars worth of goods lying around in there!

This is the power of eBay: there is always someone who wants what you’re selling, whatever it might be, and since they’ve come looking for you, you don’t even need to do much to get them to buy it.

There are many aspects to learning how to make money on eBay from getting leads which then convert into buyers, to selling at the correct profit margin in order to cover your costs and also ensuring that buyers convert into repeat customers for your other products.

There are quite a lot of other things that you will need to do in order to get your business properly set up. You can also go to Here is a summary of a few of them, which you will need to think about in your business plan.
How to choose which products to sell
How to source them
How to get your customers to buy from you again and again
How to set up your own website
How to set up an auto responder to follow up with your customers
how to organize your store so that you niche properly
How to automate your eBay business using the various software tools
How to deal with eBay’s new feedback rules and fees
As with any Internet business, learning how to make money on ebay will not make you an overnight millionaire, but if you do your research and planning properly you can have your new eBay business up and running and starting to make you a profit quite rapidly.

Sukhesh Chander

Top Four Methods That Implement on Blog Marketing

May 28th, 2012 No comments

You’ve heard of some basic Web 2.0 features such as the RSS, podcasts, social bookmarking and social networking. If not, do read up more on them because these strategies are being practically used by a lot of Internet marketers trying to make their way in the world of the Internet. Web 2.0 is generally a bunch of new Internet software features that can help you in your Internet business.

Blog marketing with Web 2.0 features have loads of benefits for your business such as bringing you loads of traffic to your blog, increase the number of your subscribers, improve your website conversion rate, give your sites a lot more exposure to search engines and much more.

To properly implement blog marketing strategies with Web 2.0 features you have to:

1. Understand Them

You have to study each Web 2.0 feature and understand how they work in blog marketing. You must ask yourself these questions:

– How can RSS feeds make visitors come back to your site?
– How do social networking sites work?
– How can social bookmarking help to improve my traffic?
– Are there other Web 2.0 features that can help me improve my site’s recognition?

The more questions you ask yourself, the more you are disposed to find out how these Web 2.0 techniques work.

2. Test, Test and Test

One thing about Internet marketing is, you can’t just bet that once you have applied a technique, you can see it working. Testing out a new addition to your site is important because you have to find out in which part of the site is the most optimized position to make it work.

3. Apply Them To Your Blog

When you know how these Web 2.0 features work, apply them to your blog and let your visitors know that you have these Web 2.0 features that they can make use of to make them feel as interacted as possible with your blog.

It is best to get articles or ebooks that show you how to apply these features step-by-step, so that you won’t get confused. Or, you can just hire a web programmer or designer to help you apply them.

For example, your RSS feed logo can be placed at any part of your site for your visitors to subscribe to, but testing it at different parts of the site for a certain amount of time can make you gauge where most of the visitors sign up for your RSS feed at. You can also go to Once you have found that position, you can then just place the feed there as its final position.

Once you see these Web 2.0 methods working on your site, you can then focus on other Internet marketing related strategies like how to turn your visitors into your subscribers or buyers, writing a good web copy, how to improve sales and so on. These three tips are the basic principals for you to focus on when you are into blog marketing, so never forget about them when you apply Web 2.0 strategies.

Once you have made a sale on your eBay auction, it is important to maintain the same friendly and professional rapport with your customers. Remember that repeat customers and good reviews can make your eBay career successful! It is important that you inform your customers of the progress of their purchases every step of the way. First, contact them to thank them for making the purchase, including any payment information. Then contact them to let them know that you have shipped the merchandise, how it shipped, and when you expect it you arrive to them. You might also want to include any tracking numbers so that your customers can see when their packages are due to arrive to them.

It is vital that you conduct your eBay auctions and business transactions with the utmost professionalism. In addition to honesty and communication, that means that you should wrap and ship any merchandise that you sell in a way that it will not be damaged, for more information logon to And that it will show that care was taken in the preparation for shipment. Include a “receipt” that shows what the customer purchased, the price paid, and even include a thank you note, which is always a nice touch. Again, customer satisfaction and feedback can make or break your eBay auction experience and seller reputation.

Customer feedback and ratings on an eBay auction can mean that either you will be a highly sought after seller, or that no one will want your stuff at all. Take those ratings seriously, because the buyers on eBay certainly do! That is why it is so important to work to satisfy every customer, even the difficult or demanding ones. If that means negotiating the price of certain merchandise, or doing something else a little extra for a customer, then you need to do it. If you want to turn your eBay auction into a successful business endeavor, your pride might have to take a back seat. Try to remember that the buyer is taking just as big (if not bigger) of a chance as you are in shopping for merchandise on an eBay auction. Therefore, the easier you make it for them, the more often they are likely to be your customer.

Aman Sharma

Top List Building Using the Ebay

May 28th, 2012 2 comments

When people visit your internet pages and leave without buying anything, you may never get the chance to sell to them again if they don’t come back to your site, for more information from emailing in a while, then you can send follow-up messages, and dramatically increase your chances of making a sale in the future.

There are plenty of building a list, but in this article I want to main topic on a strategy generally ignored by the majority of marketers, and that’s through Ebay. When you see listings for $0.01, there’s a good chance the seller is using backend sales tactics or trying to encourage you to join their newsletter, on the other hand they would be losing money for every sale, due to Ebay’s fees being higher than the sales price.

The best way of gathering a lot of sales, and therefore potential subscribers is to obtain some ebooks which offer resale rights, and listing them on Ebay. There are many websites where you can pick them up, routinely for free. If not, there are membership sites, where for a one time fee you can aquire hundreds of ebooks all with resellers rights, or you could of course buy one of these ebooks offering resellers rights on Ebay, oftentimes at a very low price, then resell it yourself.

Unfortunately,not much money is made just from selling many of these ebooks on Ebay alone, because the sellers have forced the prices down to very low levels. Rather, you can help very nicely financially from persuading the purchaser of your ebook to subscribe to your newsletter or ezine.

It’s estimated that every subscriber in your list is worth $1 per month, so if you had 1000 subscribers, you could expect, on average, to earn $1000 per month. This figure assuredly varies a lot depending on your sales copy, of your mailings, but it’s so it’s easy to see why owning a list is potentially very profitable.

The idea is to offer on your main site varied quality free bonuses to each new subscriber that opts in to accept your newsletter. Then when a buyer buys an ebook from you, and you send them the email with the download link included, you can always upsell your newsletter by mentioning the further free bonuses they could receive as well as the ebook they’ve just purchased, and including the link to your main site where the opt in create is found.

I’ve had great success doing this because the majority of everybody, myself included, love freebies, and the purchaser will be more than happy to receive extra no-cost ebooks, as well as their original purchase, just for filling out a simple setup.

The only thing to bear in mind is that the sale price of your ebook should cover any Ebay fees, although you can always from offering it for $0.01 just to hopefully guarantee a sale. You will lose money on every sale, but it all depends on how much each subscriber is worth to you. If you have a top-quality newsletter or ezine with hardly any unsubscribe requests, then it may be worth doing because you are likely to fashion any minimal losses back generally over in the future.

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