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What items from thrift stores sell the best on eBay? Tips on Profiting from Thrift Shops/Yard Sales?

January 31st, 2012 3 comments

Hi! I am looking for a way to help pay for my college education. My friends’ Mom sells stuff she buys from garage sales and thrift stores on eBay and makes about $2,000/month and she only does it part time.

What items sell from thrift stores well on eBay? Please be as specific as possible. I have browsed thru eBay but there are so many different listings/categories and not all things are sold at a thrift store or yard sale! 🙂

Since I will be buying and re-selling the items, cost is a factor since I will be trying to get as much profit as possible.

Please help me out, I really appreciate it! 10 Points Best Answer!

You just have to get to know what’s in demand by different groups of hobbyists and collectors. There are items in just about every classification that are in demand. Glassware, furniture, clothing, vintage electronics, records, etc… There’s plenty of junk too. The more old stuff you deal with… The more you’ll learn how to separate the junk from things you could make a profit on. It’s just like any other occupation. You have keep learning more about it to do well. You have to be able to sort through a whole bunch of junk and know what’s worth a little more than the asking price. Something that can only be learned through experience. If you go to sales and auctions looking for one or two specific things, you’ll never find them… You need to be able to spot ANYTHING you can make a profit on.

Is this a good resume for a Bank Teller job?

January 31st, 2012 3 comments

AHHH! Any suggestions? I’m so frustrated, I can’t even tell you. Should I add more? What do you suggest? Do I even need to add more?

To use sales/customer service experience in entry-level banking position

Summary of Qualifications
• Skilled in all aspects of cash handling
• Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through extensive customer service, answering multi-line phone, and positive interaction with individuals at all levels
• Knowledgeable in computer operations and applications including PC, Windows XP, and Vista. Tying at 90 wpm
• consistently noted by supervisors for outstanding job performance, reliability, multi-task skills, efficiency, accuracy, speed, and timely completion of all assignments.

Employment Related Experience

Barista, Starbucks Corporation
•Sparked revenue through sales techniques
•Accurately maintained cash resources by computing sales prices, receiving and processing payments.
•Demonstrated excellence in service and hospitality utilizing invaluable interpersonal communication skills
•Effective when working under pressure and manages time efficiently
•Prepared and served beverages in timely manner

Business Associate, PandJs Oddities
•Packed, wrapped, and shipped items sold on home-run eBay store
•Managed customer accounts, provided commission statements, issued checks
•Provided stellar Customer Service

Sales Associate, Raymour and Flanigan
•Mid-range producer with track record of success in highly competitive field
•Maintained/Exceeded company-set goals each review cycle
•Generated leads by Cold/Warm calling, promoting sales

Diploma, Regents: Millbrook Jr/Sr High School
National Honor Society Member
1999-2003: New York University, Music

Indian Overseas Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank of India with headquarters in Chennai having number of branches over India and Overseas invites applications from Indian Citizens for the post of Probationary Officer in JUNIOR MANAGEMENT GRADE SCALE – I. Candidates can apply only through online between 17.01.2009 and 16.02.2009 through their Website.

1250 Posts are required..

eBay sellers, are you finding sales are slower and bids are lower this year than previous years?

January 31st, 2012 1 comment

I occasionally sell collectibles on eBay, and I never sell the same thing twice, so I don’t have a direct comparison, but it seems to me I’m getting a higher percentage of disappointingly low bids and no-sales than I have before. Anyone else having the same experience, or is my perception affected by the pervasive gloom and pessimism around the Great Recession?

I have to agree
Last year sales were great- this year about 1/4. (all mine are multiple BIN’s)
Most items only going for starting bid.
I also found the shops quite yesterday, and was suprised how quick I did my shopping.
Think people are cautious this year, but also ebay search is a hinderence to some Buyers- so they go elsewhere.
Lets hope it picks up in the New Year

Why have sales in eBay Canada slowed down significantly in the last 4 weeks?

January 31st, 2012 1 comment


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march Ebay sells are slow….?

January 31st, 2012 4 comments

Is anyone else ebay sales are very slow during march?

Well the first two weeks of march my sells were selling normal.

Now my sells are so slow 🙁

that is right sales are going down,i know it happens i do sell clothes and this week was really slow and this one comming looks too slow too
june and july are dead months for my businnes
i do sell clothes and camera equipment and sales are terrible not just for me but many of my friends this last 2 weeks of march

On ebay, if the bids are not as high as i want, at the end can i decline the buyer?

January 31st, 2012 2 comments

Like if i want 25 for something and someone bids 15 if that is the highest bid, do i have to accept it or can i decline the sale or something

You can put a reserve price on the item or you can start the bidding at the minimum price you will accept. If you have a no reserve, no minimum, auction and refuse to ship they will close your account.

Question on ebay selling?

January 31st, 2012 3 comments

So I posted something to sell with a "buy it now" price as well.
One bid was placed on the item, so the buy it now offer is negated right? (Correct me if I’m wrong b/c its my first time ever on ebay).
So, I got a message from someone willing to buy the item immediately at a really good price.

Can I delete my post so that I can sell it to him? Or do I tell him that he has to bid? I really want to sell it to him bc he’s willing to make the transaction right away.

If so, how do I delete a post?

It’s against the policy to end an item to sell off ebay!

We want to start an auction house but hire an auctioneer. Does owner have to have license?

January 31st, 2012 1 comment

My fiance and I would like to open an auction house in a building we own in Ohio. We would like to run every aspect of the business but hire an auctioneer to do the actual selling on auction nights. Neither one of us wants to actually become an auctioneer. Does anyone else do this or does the auction house owner have to have a auctioneer’s license?

Good luck with your efforts.

eBay Selling Tips and Tricks – Yard Sale Roundup 6.4.11

January 29th, 2012 3 comments

Wondering what to sell on eBay? Check out the eBay Life Blog’s yard sale roundup. We spent a little over $100 — really not much for what we got! Take a look at what I bought at yard sales this weekend. When you’re done, don’t forget to go to the eBay Life blog at and my eBay store Blue Frog Shoes at eBay selling tips and tricks! Make money from home right now by selling on eBay.

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Is Terapeak the Best eBay Auction Marketing Research Tool?

January 29th, 2012 No comments Is Terapeak the Best eBay Auction Marketing Research Tool? What is the first thing that you need to do once you plan selling a product? It is market research. You need to understand whether the product will do well in the market or not. You need to analyze the demand and supply of the particular product and also understand whether people will be willing to buy the product at the price you have decided. It is important to analyze all these aspects even in the case of online marketing when you are planning to sell a product on auction sites like Terapeak is an auction marketing research tool for ebay which will allow you do your market research quicker and very easily. You will be able to understand which niche market you should target, which category product you should sell, what is the best average price at which you should sell it and also when should you sell the product. This will be done through searches which will generate reports as results. The data and information mentioned in these reports can be analyzed to reach to a conclusion and become better than the rest. You can learn the ebay marketplace inside and out by using Terapeak. You will be provided with 365 days of transaction data which will help you get the most profit from your listings. A huge portion of the customers who have used Terapeak have been satisfied with the services and their testimonials say it all. In simple words, the benefits of using Terapeak are as follows: 1. You will be able to find a large array of information within a short period of time 2. You will be able to understand international trends. Not only about your own country, you will also be able to get data and statistics about six international countries 3. You will be able to make a drastic change in the sales figure of your ebay sales within a short period of time 4. You will be able to qualify as the Top Rated Seller on Ebay in just the first 3 months of your purchase 5. Your profits will boost up to 50 — 100% 6. The information Terapeak provides is in a format that it will be easy to understand and concise 7. You will be able to evaluate sub-niches in a better way and understand if the product you have chosen is not too costly and can be sold for a high profit There are different packages that you can purchase and every different package that you purchase will offer you with different features. A basic plan can be purchased for $9.95 per month; advantage plan can be bought at the price of $24.95 per month, international plan for $39.95 per month and motor parts and accessories plan for $34.95 per month. You can also buy the plans on an annual rate. A free trial of the service can be used before you actually make a payment. The free trial will help you decide whether the services will be beneficial for you or not. For the free trial, you will only need an existing ebay account that you can to the ebay marketplace.

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